April 24, 2024

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The news no one wants to hear

The news no one wants to hear

Auto market rumors announced that BMW would no longer produce one of its flagship jewels. Audi and Mercedes are also considering doing the same.

BMW News – Motori.News

there BMW 1 SeriesHe was way ahead of his time when he started producing it 2004. but innovative Lightweight construction And the new platform using a lot of carbonthey made the little ones expensive car to be produced, which has repeatedly led to rumors of its early demise Produce.

BMW 1 Series, the end of an era

and this is likely to happen, Given that the structure BMW 1 series Can’t seem to stay in I keep up with the times since UKL platformon which the cars, Does not like to pass by “automatic” towards mobility Hybrid or electric. Then change everything architecture implantation The car requires costs and a WL This is not worth it Resist.

according to Various rumors that have been chasing each other for some time, UKL, which is now celebrated by ten years old, will not be allowed to merge electric hybrid system, anymore like max available, if it was fundamental changes, suns independence 60 km.

BMW 1 Series
BMW 1 Series – Motori . News

Therefore, according to These considerations, It seems inevitable famous german house, You find Other solutions And put aside production The legendary BMW 1 Series. To explain it, in an interview with Autocar magazine, He was a manager (who wishes to remain anonymous) for himself German company.

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“There is one series of issues to consider. for the first time UKL size Makes it more difficult electrification, Because the potential size of drums It is limited. Second, the size of the UKL is an issue. The the cars I realized this Architectural Engineering They sell them in very low quantities at United State.

Mercedes and Audi are also closing these models

Most big market It is likely to be China, In small towns, but prefer sedans instead of hatchback. The sizes are very good and this car is just as important “The first BMW”. If we leave this market, we will sell a share market to competitors.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Mercedes-Benz A-Class – Motori.news

This type of consideration It was not only made by BMW. Market requires different machinesmore compact and more Big, Also because the new Indications that have been awarded regarding Trading with Euro 7 carsimplies the need to have a file increase in size, under car floorto allow entry without problems catalytic converter suitable for new needs.

just for this is the reasonsome brands Auto HistoriansLike audi and mercedes, They also indicated that they will likely reform their entire production of compact cars. Audi officially announced that the Legendary A1 It will soon be out of production. himself It will happen in Q2.

There is, too mercedes do you know that class A, The model that made the history of this part, and still loved and appreciated, Before long it will stop are produced.

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