Home science “I am Marie Curie” is the new book by Sarah Rataro-Papolio

“I am Marie Curie” is the new book by Sarah Rataro-Papolio

“I am Marie Curie” is the new book by Sarah Rataro-Papolio

Appointments start today to meet the author and learn about her new novel

Genoa – “Your culture will be the one thing no one can take away from you“It seems like a certainty: it is one of the teachings that their father left to the Sklodowska brothers. You can read it within the first pages of his new autobiographical novel sarah rataro, Author of successful novels welcomed by readers, booksellers and critics, By title “I am Marie Curie – my life for science“, published before Sperling & Kupfer.

Sarah Rataro

Marie Curie was born into an enlightened familyIn Poland, which was silenced by the Soviet regime and in a state of cultural ferment. Her father sends her and her sisters to study at secret universities. High-risk option: If you are caught, you will go straight into forced labor in Siberia. “Curiosity to have culture, these are the things that save your life“- reveals author Sara L. Rataro Radio Papolio – “Despite his fear, he allowed his daughters to study because he knew it would benefit them“.

From silently guarding knowledge, to sharing it with the world, and fighting.”To preserve his genius and be Self Itself“. Thus, Marie Curie was the mother of modern physics, the first woman to hold a teaching position at the prestigious Parisian Sorbonne University, and the only person so far to have won two Nobel Prizes.

But she was not “merely” a revolutionary scientist: “She was a woman of great compassion, great humanity, who suffered great pain and great loveFrom the young love that destroys and discriminates against her, to meeting the only man who can truly understand her, Pierre Curiefor sternum pain after the latter's death.

Someone who seemed unreal, but he was a woman like many others, among other things, also the mother. “A very difficult distinction: Having a great passion, the desire to achieve at work, the desire to start a family and motherhood, still seems complicated today.“-says the author-“It still happens that some women leave the workplace to take care of their families more“.

Marie Curie is able to be present, join the ranks of the “new feminism” and make us all say – with enormous humility – “I am Marie Curie.”

This is the amazing thing about women -The writer confirms- That we can do it, that we succeed, certainly through the big climbs but in the end we bring the mission home, and it was no different. She exemplified in an extraordinary way the qualities I know in women: Women take their lives and skin home“.

Listen to the full interview By Sarah Rataro.

Scheduled dates:

  • Wednesday 13 March: IMPERIA, Padella alla Brace restaurant, organized by Mondadori Library, 8.00 p.m.
  • Thursday 14 March: Savona, Feltrinelli Library, 6.00pm
  • Saturday 16 March: Genoa, Sala Ceresi (Berio Library): 5.00 pm
  • Thursday 21 March: Sestri Poniente (GE), Mondadori Library, Via Sestri: 5.30pm


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