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“900 thousand refugees.” What happens in 5 points –

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“If Tunisia collapses there Danger of 900,000 refugees arrivingIn the summer, the situation may get out of control.” With these words, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni tried to draw the attention of the EU summit to the issue of migration. Amazing numbers for photography A very serious crisis that has been going on for months in the neighboring country of Italy. But how reliable are these numbers and what are the reasons that make Tunisia a “social bomb”?

* 900,000 trusted downloads? – According to the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, 20,379 migrants have arrived in Italy since the beginning of the year, No. more than tripled compared to last year. who are they, Those with Tunisian citizenship are 1,587 But it must be said that people of different nationalities leave that part of North Africa. In short, we are still far from the numbers that Giorgia Meloni fears even if An intelligence report estimates that 685,000 migrants are ready to crossBut with the departure from Libya. In 2016, the most severe year for the migration crisis, the number of arrivals in Italy amounted to about 181 thousand people. 65% of Tunisians (or 7.5 million people) announced his intention to emigrate, According to a government survey.

* Food crisis – The economic situation in Tunisia is rapidly deteriorating: AA Feb lInflation reached 10.4% But if you take into account i Food consumption increases the figure to 15.6%.. The government announced one Stop the prices of some basic necessities throughout the month of Ramadan (started yesterday), which is the period when household consumption traditionally increases. The unemployment rate is still holding at an alarming 15.3%. Public debt reached 34 billion euros, he exposed Tunisia is in danger of default.

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* Terms of the International Monetary Fund – There will be a “bridge” solution to the crisis: Tunisia has been negotiating for months A loan from the International Monetary Fund of $1.9 billion But the negotiations stumbled. The fund requires very large collateral, starting from Ending government subsidies for fuel and foodWhich will only exacerbate the family crisis. It is no coincidence that the government and the opposition agreed to reject the conditions dictated by the International Monetary Fund to the sender.

Qais Saeed’s iron fist – If the economy was not enough, Tunisia is also in the sights of the international community for political reasons. Only on March 16 iThe European Parliament voted on a condemning resolution towards the country’s leader, Qais Saeed, who “concentrated power in his hands as of July 25, 2021, after he was He sacked the government, dissolved the parliament, and suppressed the constitution 2014″. On February 13, journalist Noureddine Bouatar, director of the main independent Tunisian radio station, was arrested. In January, 37 trade unionists suffered the same fate.

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