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A policeman burned alive, more than 40 killed. Ex-president Castrillo incites demonstrators –

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Street clashes yesterday alone claimed 17 lives (more than 40 in total since the beginning of December). Parliament gives confidence to the new government while President Bulwart is being investigated for genocide

Parliament confirms Confidence in the new government. The Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed the star Investigating the “massacres and killings” of the President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and the Interior. And Restless revolutions And that only yesterday they caused it 17 dead.


all of this It happened in Peru in the last 24 hours. First came the announcement from the Public Prosecutor’s Office: an investigation into President Dina Bolowart And some members of the government about vViolent demonstrations that rocked the country since the beginning of December (that is, since former President Pedro Castillo attempted a coup d’état), which, in fact, has happened More than 40 civilians were killed and hundreds wounded.

allegations – Genocide, murder and grievous bodily harm – directed against President Dina Boloart, Prime Minister Alberto Otarola, Minister of the Interior Victor Rojas and Minister of Defense Jorge Chavez. So far, none of them or their spokespeople have made any statements or comments.

Many associations defending human rights say so The regime forces, in these weeks of protests, would have shot the demonstrators; While the army responds and says that the rioters used weapons and threw homemade explosives at the soldiers.

The most dangerous episodes of the last few hours occurred in that area. Shows pictures taken by local televisions Thousands of people in the streets during looting and clashes with the police everywhere. Juliaca City Airport was closed after 9,000 people tried to invade the airport.

Policeman José Luis Sonko was killed in the clashes: he was burned alive in a patrol carAfter what local police chief Raul Alfaro described as an “ambush” by rioters: “They burned him alive,” he commented. The “extreme violence” of Episode: Soncco was confirmed by local authorities He was allegedly tortured before being killed.

stormed violently and Incendiary devices were fired at the deputy’s house In the city of Elaf, while the family members were inside the house.

Coup and chaos

But Former President Pedro Castillo stands with the protesters. “The people who were killed trying to defend the country from a coup d’etat,” he wrote in a tweet, “will be forever remembered in Peruvian history.” In fact, it was he who caused the chaos in which the country plunged more than a month ago Castillo attempted on December 7 to carry out a coup d’état and dissolve Parliament to maintain power. The coup failed Castillo was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison And His place was replaced by Dinah Boulwart, his deputy.

Just like the resolution of parliament, which was adopted by a large majority, who Advance the date of the presidential and political elections from 2026 to 2024. An unclear decision, given that, according to the constitution, a member of parliament can be elected for only one term, and given that since 2016 Peru has been captive to a ruthless struggle between heads of state and parliaments trying to eliminate each other.

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