September 23, 2023

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Avatar The Water Way will still talk about protecting the environment but it won’t be a ‘sermon’ –

Avatar The Water Way will still talk about protecting the environment but it won’t be a ‘sermon’ –

One of the elements often discussed in the first Avatar movie was how he handled it Environmental protection theme. According to one of the stars of the saga, the message will continue Water Way’s Avatar but It won’t sound like a sermon.

In a recent interview with Deadline’s “20 Questions on Deadline” podcast, actress Alnitiri – Zoe Saldana – Expect the sequel to address the topic of the environment in a way that we hope will not be “preaching.”

He specifically said, “Our planet is made up of 80% water, so there’s a lot about our life on Earth that we don’t know because it lives below us, and for Pandora it’s the same too. That means that when we watched Avatar 1 only we saw 20% of it and 20% made us We are living an adventure that many of us around the world have not been able to shake off.”

Character from Avatar The Way to Water

“Imagine, what is the remaining 80%? Obviously we know Jim (Cameron) is dealing with it objective related to the conquest, colonization, erasure and extermination of civilizations, and the appropriation and misuse of the environment. These are things we have seen repeated many times throughout our history.”

“So it’s not like we’re going to see something we haven’t heard before, and I just hope it is. As a catalyst like the first movie. To force us, in any way, to be more aware of each other, but also to be more conscious of our environment, but not in a way that preaches, only in a way that improves your life … “.

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Finally, we leave you to the second official trailer for James Cameron’s movie.