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Life imprisonment and Parliament throws him in Amin and makes way for the death penalty

Life imprisonment and Parliament throws him in Amin and makes way for the death penalty

The air is blowing hard Parliament, where the discussionlife sentence. And there is nothing better than a breeze from the parts of the Ministry of Justice where the seals are kept Kartabia He’s already under attack because he pointed a direction dub, Instead of the usual “professional” prosecutor against the mafia, a former probation judge who knows the prison and its rules. Who was already forced, after being shamefully attacked, to take a leap of faith into himArticle 41 bis subordinate Organizing prisons.

to me Dr. Reynoldi He had already written yesterday on Happening every day An open letter to Dr. Fee booths. Which, after I remember the two years I spent there dub, He gives one recommendation to his colleague: “The sentence of life imprisonment should not be compromised.” A signal that Parliament seems to have collected first and foremost, since we, from registration to deposit, are moving in the direction of ignoring the indications ofSupreme courtwhich was declared unconstitutional a year ago.social death”, Giving Parliament one year (the deadline is next May) to approve a law respecting, in addition to the Constitution, as wellArticle 3 from the organization European Court of Human Rights.

It’s always unpleasant to have to admit you were right, but when in April last year we wrote to the Constitutional Court “we needed more courage,” we looked realistically at the composition of the current House. Parliament, Resolute in terms of number and quality of its representatives in the 2018 elections, with the numerical spread of five stars, With league Swinging between the referendum initiative and the old flair of “throwing the key” after the dungeon is closed, a person who would do anything to stay in government with grillini and right Georgia Meloni Anchored more and more to traditions MSI. There is still very little in terms of numbers, without detracting from the quality of not only the components Come on Italy And the Italy is aliveas well as a few individual parliamentarians, such as Enza Bruno Bossio subordinate PD.

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Jurisprudence, which raises questions about the substance of the law that has since 1992 excluded from prison, benefits from a string of convicts of serious crimes who have not. “repentant”, That is, those who have confessed to their crimes and reported the crimes of others, this is very clear since 2019. Filings are not allowed or the famous “except” in which a particular left culture specializes, which is most sensitive to sirens evening party. Starts from ‘Viola’s rule‘, which has European Court of Human Rights He had condemned Italy for not allowing Marcelo Viola, Convicted of serious mafia crimes, to access prison benefits stipulated by law 1975. The detainee has always declared himself innocent and has nothing to do with the crimes he is accused of. So her cooperation was impossible. The referee called into question coercion “Repentance”. It is important to remember this starting point, because it is from there that we arrive at judgments Constitutional Court. Which, again, recently, with sentence number 20 of this year, reaffirms the existence of impossible or uncollectible cooperation as a fixed point.

The question now is: Is this principle still present in the text under discussion in the Council? apparently not. It must be borne in mind that there are not only those who are found not guilty, but also those convicted who have nothing to add to the whole range of “repentant” I have already said. And again, there are many inmates who have already gone a whole path (26 years) to change their lives, are now far from the world of the mafia, but in principle they do not want to go down to the level of informants, or are simply afraid for the lives of their family members. Why do all these have to be nailed the way they are?

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doctor Fee booths He believes, and he is not the only one, that everyone who was a criminal once is forever, because in organized crime circles everyone will be bound by some kind of insurmountable religious or Freemason oath. It is not. We can mention the names and surnames of many who really changed and returned to society. But also Monday’s speech in the Chamber of the Chief Justice, Mario Beraponione of the five star advocates, does not promise anything good, and seems to be in line with the thought of the “anti-mafia” judges heard while working on the commission.

The first point: Why is it necessary to consult the public prosecutor with the judge who issued the ruling (and in some cases even National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor)? Who took the photo at the time of the crime? The second point: Parliament does not trust oversight judges such as Dr. Reynoldi, In short. In fact, the basic text under discussion transmits every decision to the court, which is a collegial body. And again: the 26 years after which a life prisoner can begin to file his claims becomes 30. But this is not enough.

It is alarming that “if this is proven” not only change it, but also a tangible separation from criminal organizations. The text seems to predict some kind of obstacle course, long and complex that the prisoner will have to traverse to reach the desired goal. This will actually act as a disincentive. but the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court They said more.