Home science Venice, with the CHUTZPAH Gallery, opens a new space for art at Procuratie Vecchie

Venice, with the CHUTZPAH Gallery, opens a new space for art at Procuratie Vecchie

Venice, with the CHUTZPAH Gallery, opens a new space for art at Procuratie Vecchie

On April 13, 2022, the exhibition CHUTZPAH, a project by Atelier dell’Errore BIG, opened in Venice, which opened the Art Studio, the new area dedicated to contemporary art within the Procuratie Vecchie.

mushrooms; A tent that is not an animal tent that is not an animal It is the title of the Atelier dell’Erore BIG exhibition project, sponsored by Gaby Scardi, who opens art studiothe new area dedicated to contemporary art within Procurate Vicki from Venice. The majestic building, opening its doors for the first time in five hundred years of history, has been renovated by David Chipperfield Architects, with interior design and exhibition path by Migliore + Servetto Architects, to become the home of Human Safety Net, the Assicurazioni Generali foundation that helps people in conditions of vulnerability to express express their potential by improving their living conditions and the conditions of the entire community.

The Art Studio is a large environment of approximately 200 square metres, born with the idea of ​​displaying artworks interpreting the themes on which the Human Safety Net work is focused, represented in the permanent interactive exhibition A world of possibilities. The works created within The Art Studio are prepared using a specific language developed in recent years by Atelier del Eur (AOE .)), which was founded in 2002 by Luca Santiago Moura in Reggio Emilia with the aim of placing artistic practice at the service of child neuropsychiatry. Since 2015, some of the children involved in the project, who are now adults, have been part of AdE BIG, a collective art and social institution located within the Maramotti Collection in Reggio Emilia. The founding principle of AE is to attribute value to constraints, and to re-evaluate what we usually tend to dismiss, trying to neutralize or correct as wrong, even at the expense of enforcing intellectual norms and habits.

Hence the title of the exhibition, mushroomIt is part of the permanent exhibition A world of possibilities: Yiddish term that refers to the rudeness of those who believe in themselves excessively. Over the years, the term has been assumed in the Anglo-Saxon language with reference to personal confidence, the impetuous impulse that allows you to break out of predetermined patterns and perform actions that are impossible for others to perform. Courage and daring are certainly characteristics that can relate to AE’s position, to the origins of choices, ways, and also to the unconventional use of traditional techniques of art history. Chutzba, in fact, is the result of a work on the verge of obsession with which the group can reach high levels of technical prowess. So the CHUTZPAH is pPersonal declension of ‘courage’‘, one of the strengths a visitor encounters in the interactive itinerary world of possibilities, Aiming to discover one’s potential.

In The Art Studio, you are in the presence of a series of works with ecological dimensions, created specifically for this venue. Pater, over-living It is a large two-dimensional structure that divides the space in two, made of two nearly contrasting materials: on one side, red AdETEX, a specially created fabric by stretching a meter of work tape sticking to the canvas, with a large design in metal and sheet, on the other in wool Recycled warm camel, called Cameluxe. tent-mater A self-supporting curtain made of the same materials: the inside is covered in soft fleece while the disturbing red exterior shows an organic, transforming golden look. The exhibition is completed with a large animal drawing Mater GB7In several colors, gold paper and a series of 12 drawings titled Auricular cells: oscillating energy nuclei differ from each other.

Butter, Over-Lived and Tenda-Mater are the two large and basic golden figures that stand out respectively on the red monochrome of the panel and valance. Looking at all of the imaginative art transformed into form, the former is visualized with an object made up of sacks, bowls, funnels, and tubes. The curtain is also placed in the space in such a way that it integrates the last skylight of the facade overlooking Piazza San Marco. The panorama can be seen by those who wish to come down to earth to look through it: a metaphor for the complex relationship between the inner subject and outer reality and the transformative power of art, especially since the light penetrating the eye is filtered through the colored diaphragm affecting the perception of reality.

Venice, with the CHUTZPAH Gallery, opens a new space for art at Procuratie Vecchie
Venice, with the CHUTZPAH Gallery, opens a new space for art at Procuratie Vecchie

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