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Como Pordenone 1-0 – live football – Como County Como County


Como Pordenone 1-0

Marker: La Jumina at 7′ point.

As (4-3-3): WL. Vignali, Scaglia, Varnier, Ioannou; Yovin, Belmo, Arrigoni, Chagia (from 20′ st Cagnano); Cerri (from 30′ st Paris), La Gumina (from 30′ St Gliozzi). Available: Facchin, Toninelli, Bertoncini, Kabashi, Gabrielloni, H’Maidat, Bovolon, Luvumbo. everybody. Gattuso.

Pordenone (4-3-3): Beresan. El Kawakibi (from 24 Magnino St.), Stephanie, Camborese, Valasco; Misuraca (from 17′ st Pinato), Pasa (from 31′ st Valietti), Kupisz (from 17′ st Cambiaghi); Ciciretti (from 31 ‘st Sylla), Tsadjout, Folorunsho. Available: Bindi, Mensah, Petriccioni, Pellegrini, Zamarini, Sherzhanovsky, Berry. everybody. Tedino.

RuleBy: Paterna di Tiramo.

note – 2065 spectators, collected 29,857 euros. Reservations: Al-Kawakibi, Musawraka. Angles: 1-4.

50′ – ends here! Como won 1-0, went up to 13 points and is now expected to play away at Terni on Monday at 3pm.

48′ – Campiaghi hits the net: Gouri blocks.

47′ – Cuomo roars in the counterattack! The Parisians are left alone, the Persian closes the mirror on their way out….sexy.

46 & # 39; – Another mistake, still a penalty from the edge for the guests. Falasco beats, barrier, scrum, ball away.

45 & # 39; – Five minutes of recovery, you have to suffer a little more …

42′ – Campiaghi shoots from close range but does not frame the goal.

41′ – Change in Como: Ioanno exits and Solini enters.

38′ – Penalty from over 20 meters for Pordenone…a ball on the barrier.

35 & # 39; – Iovine begins the counterattack, but fails to serve Arrigoni’s free serve on the other side.

33′ – fourth corner for guests.

31′ – Pordenone also changed: Bassa/Valetti Chiceretti/Sella.

30′ – Double change in Como: outside La Gumina and Cerri, inside Gliozzi and Parisians.

25′ – Como Chance! Free kick from the left, turned header by La Gomina, Berezan veered, Scaglia from a good position kicked out of the net.

24′- Third change of guests: Kwakibi Exit and Magnino Entry.

22 & # 39; – A brave but huge attempt by Cagnano from thirty meters.

20′ – Gattuso covers himself: Shaggia takes his place as Cagnano.

19 ‘- The guests were notified in the second half. Al-Kawakibi Iwano jumps the ball in the middle of the free defense with difficulty.

17′ – changes in Pordenone: outside Misuraca and Kupisz, inside Pinato and Cambiaghi,

16′ – Attendance figures arrive: 2,065 spectators, 29,857 euros collected.

15′- Header Siri, La Jomina fails to skew in split.

12′ – Misuraca is booked too, he is Pordenone’s second player.

8′ – Seri opens on the left for Shaggia who tries to come back but is blocked by the defense.

6′ – A dangerous ball in the Como area, Pordenone claims a penalty without exaggeration, the referee is wrong in the attack.

5′- Chishriti penalty kick from the right, Gauri punched with his fists.

2′ – a vibrant start to Pordenone, which equals the number of angles.

1′ – Recovery begins now. There are no changes in the two formations.

second half record

45′ – The first half is now over, 1-0 for Como, La Jomina’s goal decided.

43 & # 39; – Cuomo dancing, with Cerri’s Iovine ball: flying vertically and high ball. But the attacker was offside.

42′ – a cross! Argonne again, as in Ferrara! A kick from outside the area, hit Beresan, but the ball hit the crossbar. Sin!

41′ – No. Siri! From the edge he tries to enter Vignali, but the ball is too long, and Perisan makes it himself.

35′ – Risky! A quick move from Pordenone, Chiceretti goes down on the right, the ball in the middle as Tsagot touches weakly on the knee, with Guri succeeding in the swerve. Como’s restart with La Gumina, stop at the limit.

34′ – Al-Kawakibi warning for a midfield error on Ioannou.

32 & # 39; – Tsadjout again, touch quickly in a very weak area: gory blocks on the ground.

31′ – A low and tense pass from Ioannou from the left and the ball rebounded by touch from Siri to the defense.

30′ – Tsadjout tried on the outside, high ball.

29′ – Juvin again from the right, very long cross to the attackers.

28′ – Nice off the ball at the foot of Yovini, one of Como’s best players.

23′- Beautiful high exit for Gauri in front of Tsagot. Pordenone in the attack, Scaglia closes to the limit.

22′ – Chaga advances to the left, reaches the limit and attempts to conclude: high ball.

20′ – A deep run for Chajia, predicted to the extreme by Falasco.

16 & # 39; – Folorunsho focuses from the left and tries the shot, saved by La Gumina.

13′ – First corner kick for Como… Falasco is waiting for Seri to be ready to clear the ball.

7′- GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!! – Jumina is ahead of Kumo! Vignali’s shot from the right flank, the ball bounces, and the attacker anticipates the visiting goalkeeper and Camporese with a header. Bravo La Gomina, but also the heavy responsibilities of the host’s defense.

4′ – Iovin’s ball from the right, La Gumina’s touch by Cerri, was predictable at the time of the shot.

1′ – The game begins. Tsadjout tries the central rhythm, and Scaglia stops him.

First time record

Players enter the field very close to the start of the game.

The choirs of fans left at the curve, about fifteen fans from Friuli.

The formations are ready! In Como, Cerri returns in an attack with La Gumina. Outside of Cagnano, his place on the left is Ioanno. Pordenone responds with a 4-3-3.

Good evening, From Sinigaglia Stadium, Como-Pordenone will start at 20.30.

How do – after the draw in Ferrara, How do Looking for the fifth profit in a row tonight in 20.30 at home against Pordenone, In the tenth round of the Italian second division, Friulion occupies the last place with two points, but they will return from a draw at home to the leaders Pisa. back to Como siri From 1′, in doubt Cagnano: Ioannou is ready. Parental Arbitration from Teramo, the web chronicle of Como Pordenone that it www.laprovinciadicomo.it.

Series B – Day 10

a programWednesday 10/27: Cosenza Ternana 3-1Vicenza Monza, 1-1. Thursday 10/28: Alessandria Frosinone 1-1Ascoli Spall 0-1Brescia Lecce 1-1; parma castle, Como Pordenone, Cremonese-Pisa, Crotone Benevento, Perugia-Reggina at 20.30.

classification: pizza 20; Brescia 18; Lychee 17; Benevento, Cremonese and Regina 16; Frosinone 15th; Ascoli, Perugia, Cosenza and Monza 14; Ternana, Cittadella, and Spal 13; Parma and How do 10; Alexandria 8; Croton 7; Vicenza 4; Pordenone 2.

next roundMonday 11/1: Benevento Brescia at 12.30; Frosinone Croton, Lychee Cosenza, Monza Alessandria, Regina Cittadella, Spal Perugia, Ternana Como 15 hours; Parma Vicenza, Pisa Ascoli, Pordenone-Cremones at the age of 18.


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