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LIVE / Psg Monaco (score 0-1) TV video broadcast: Volland does not forgive!

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Paris Saint-Germain Monaco (Live Score 0-1): A tense match in Paris

This first half starts between Paris Saint-Germain Monaco Not exciting for the fans, in fact we are witnessing a very tense match between two teams who are thinking of studying each other more than attacking, in fact neither team has so far been able to find a single shot, not just in the mirror

It’s hard to think when you have players of caliber on the field Messi And the NeymarThe latter warns after a frustrating mistake, Monaco is killing the game a bit by thinking more about how not to let the opponent play, a winning strategy from the guests who find the target. Voland After a masterful counterattack by Monegasque. (article by Gianmarco Manara)

Paris Saint-Germain live broadcast (score 0-0): It’s starting!

Read profiles that offer live broadcasts of Paris Saint-Germain Monaco There are many players that pique our curiosity. Among them is certainly Vitor Machado Ferreira, better known as Vitinha. A producer from Porto custody after a season on loan at Wolverhampton last year, he did well at Porto when he secured the transalpines jersey that paid for his €40m release clause to take it back.

He is an attacking midfielder who is also suitable to play as Mizala thanks to his technique and speed in entries. This is certainly an extra card for the home team which can therefore try to weaken the Monaco defence, which often remains buttoned up when necessary. Of course, the four defenders are reinforced by being in front of the defense of Matazzo and Fofana who act as an additional candidate. We will see if Vitinha will have the strength to perhaps score his first goal.

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All Ligue 1 matches, including PSG Monaco Live, will be available only to Sky customers, as the match will be broadcast on their channels Sky Football. Instead, to follow the live video, simply subscribe to right Now.

Monaco Paris Saint-Germain: Champions of the tournament

Guidance Paris Saint-Germain Monaco Which brings us to the analysis of a race that could be full of surprises. Without mentioning the already known names, one of the players who intrigues them more and more is Pablo Sarabia Garcia who, despite being one of the least known, always manages to find his space in the foreground. Today he is expected to complete a Triple Javelin alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. The footballer was signed by Sevilla in the summer of 2019 to play two seasons.

This year he returned to Paris after a season on loan at Sporting Lisbon where he charmed and has Galtier in mind so much that he has always played as a starter so far. A fast boy with a good foot, he is not a goalscorer but more than makes himself available to the team thanks to speed, technique, change of pace and great generosity especially when he is near the opponent’s goal.

Monaco Paris Saint-Germain: The offer is secured!

waiting to live between Paris Saint-Germain Monaco, today August 28 at 8.45pm Let’s see how the two teams get to the field and let’s try to figure out who can take it home. Paris Saint-Germain Monaco is indeed one of the classics in French football, and although it no longer has the sheen of the past and the Monaco side have shrunk a bit over time, it doesn’t matter, after all, the ball is one and both teams take to the field to win the match.

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Paris Saint-Germain has already found the right place and is preparing to walk victoriously until June, with the idea of ​​lifting another trophy from French League 1 And why not, the one with the big ears. The Parisian team is actually first in the standings, the only one that still has the full score at this start to the tournament and the feeling is that we’ll hardly see a team defeat PSG, the only mistake the Capitoline could make would be to face the under-the-leg match.

Monaco Paris Saint-Germain: Possible squads

Galter Never give up on the classic 3-4-1-2 Which makes the exterior look its best Hakimi and Nuno Mendes, in fact, the right player comes from a goal and assist in the match against Lille. Then we find the trocar again Messi, who in this role no longer has to run on the wing, can use all his techniques to serve his fellow strikers: Mbappe and Neymar, the three returning from a goal, except for the French who put in three. In short, it seems that the team has been found and perhaps to avoid injuries and team rotation, we will monitor this formation until the end.

On the other hand, a monk would likely use a file 4-4-2 As it is the only unit that can make a Monegasque team perform at its best, even if it indicates certain technical limitations, since none of the players on the team have the characteristics to finish a shot or a pass. In fact, in the last match he lost to Lens, the only player to score was the center back: Badiashile.

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Monaco Paris Saint-Germain: quotas and predictions

For direct PSG Monaco, Eurobet offered the following possibilities: 1.20 The victory of the hosts, 3.4 tie and 4.25 Monaco victory.

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