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This is the year, the comedy movie review streaming on Prime Video

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You know those 80’s comedies we used to see (still 90’s) usually late at night on Italy 1? Well, if you want to see one again, it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember the title, because even Head of the videos From December 15th over there This is the yeara forthright film that “revisits 80s comedies in a contemporary style, tackling the problems of today’s teens, speaking their language, and making a road with a story that has authentic meaning”.

If you haven’t already gone to see it in the midst of nostalgia, in this review we try to convince the skeptics why this is the (almost only) movie to watch if you missed movies like Revenge of the nerds or Sixteen Candles. Let’s start by summarizing the plot, without spoilers.

What is the theme for this year?

Josh (Lorenzo James Henry, which you may have seen Fear of the Walking Dead) is the classic cute teen who’s shy with girls. And of course he falls in love with the pretty girl, oh Zoe (Alyssa Girls), who is also the cousin of his best friend Mickey (and his brother Donnie).

This is Year_10

It’s also implied that Josh can’t ask Zoe out. So despite the advice of her best friend Molly (Vanessa Marano, daughter of Luke V mother of a friend), his senior year of high school is graduating away without Josh being able to drop out.

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Until one evening, on a radio show, they’re handing out VIP concert passes for the band Josh and Zoey love… and it doesn’t matter that he can’t win it, because the plan (Molly’s) is to leave anyway for a weekend trip that will take them to the concert with Zoey and Mikey and Donnie. We stop here, below you can see the trailer in English.

Why do you see “this is the year”

Halfway through the movie, this reviewer’s wife comments, “He’s so stupid he’s cute.” We take the liberty of conveying this definition, to make you understand what kind of movie we’re talking about.

This is Year_18

The shy boy, the grumpy but good professor, the slightly stupid older brother with a heart of gold, the cute best friend who goes unnoticed. Indeed, public spaces for comedy are 1980s, but once you understand that “stupidity” is intended, it’s hard not to smile. This is the year.

You’ll probably guess the ending after half an hour, you’ll probably forget about that movie in a few months, but if you miss those movies you used to watch back then, play it safe.

Rating: 6.5

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