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Under 15 counties: Space Talent – S. Ignazio 2-1

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His sixth victory in six matches in the U-15 Provincial League Group D for Spazio Talent, who also beat Sant’Ignazio 2-1.

Space Talent – S. IGNAZIO 2-1
Signs: 3 pt Tremus (SP), 6 pt Donato (SP), 15 st Cravero (SI).
talent space: Federico Gasparro 6.5, Marighella 6, Love 6.5, Alessio Gasparro 6.5, Good 6.5, Yano 6.5, Mazzeo 6.5, Colosimo 6.5, Donato 7, Ferraris 6.5, Tremus 7. Coach: Sia.
S Ignazio: Saglione 6, Baga 6, Piccolo 6, Aiosa 6, Ternullo 6, Noto 6, Cuda 6, Cammarata 6, Benevello 6, Cravero 7, Patella 6. Coach: Leotta.

His sixth victory in six matches in the U-15 Provincial League Group D for Spazio Talent, who also beat Sant’Ignazio 2-1. The home team closes the exercise after only six minutes of play: in the third minute, Tremus takes advantage of the opponent’s uncertainty and scores a one-to-zero goal in the Talent Space. Just three minutes later, Donato scored a double goal and hit his pockets. Strong from the double advantage, the boys coached by Sia manage possession and lead by two goals until the referee’s double whistle.
In the second half, Sant’Ignazio is more insistently looking for a goal that can reopen the match. The net will only arrive on the 15th of the second half, when Cravero slips into the opponent’s defense and hits undisturbed, reducing damage by half. However, the boys coached by Leotta were unable to equalize, despite the many chances they tried.
Thus, Spazio Talent wins again and confirms himself in first place in Group D with full points and a six-point lead over the opponent, who still has two races to catch. On the other hand, Sant’Ignazio stopped for the second time in the tournament: a streak of four straight wins ends here.

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report cards
talent space
Federico Gasparro 6.5: Some quality interference, save your score.
Marighella 6: Not perfect when out, but still a positive performance.
Love 6.5: Almost unbeatable, his race is almost perfect.
Alessio Gasparo 6.5: It alternates the two phases of the game very well.
6.5 Good: He is flawless in his interventions.
Yano 6.5: Ensures solid defensive coverage.
Mazzeo 6.5: Quantity and quality in the middle of the field.
Colosimo 6.5: Multifunctional, you can see it practically everywhere.
Donato 7: Scores the first goal of the day, just three minutes later.
Ferrari 6.5: Super performance, only target missing.
Tremus 7: A sign of doubling which, given the outcome, is ultimately decisive.

Saint Ignatius
Saglione 6: He can’t do anything about the opponents’ goals.
Baja 6: Some difficulties but enough performance.
Piccolo 6: Doesn’t let down from the first minutes of the game and gets better with every passing minute.
Ayusa 6: It’s ready when you need it.
Ternullo 6: Replaces some bugs with important plays.
Note 6: The actions of St. Ignatius start from his feet.
Cuda 6: Gives flexibility to maneuver the game.
Cammarata 6: Observed on some occasions, the last flash is missing.
Benevello 6: Finds no spaces in the opponent’s defense.
Craveiro 7: cuts the distance with a great goal.
Patella 6: He tries in every way, he lacks a bit of subtlety.

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