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Canadian GB – Williams, Latife: “We compete straight, but in some corners …” – 2022

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There The grove is stable The season is further lagging behind. The scoreboard has not been updated since Miami G.P. Where it is Alban He received Two Of Three points scored so far. At zero height Nicholas Latifi Relying on housing appointment a Montreal Recover and show programs that can guarantee him to continue to drive Williams Not only in 2023, but also at the next World Championships. Its position hangs in balance With Oscar Biastry Is ready to take charge in time British G.P. (July 1-3, read here).

Nicholas Latifi

“I’m so excited to finally be racing Canada What will be my first home GB! It gives me so much feeling that I have had the opportunity to perform in front of Canadian fans. How பாகுThe gods will still be there Long times, in which we seem to be competing. However, some curves may not be very suitable for our cara, It may be against us. As it goes backwards, we have the option of splitting up பாகு Use what we have learned immediately to get the most out of this weekend. “Canadian said to the team’s official paragraphs.

Alexander Alban

“It was fantastic for us to get back to Raiders racing Canada. I competed there for the first time in 2019. It has chickens with good speed. If you can get good speed there, your lap will be more competitive. The walls, being close together, make the round even more exciting. Montreal I love it so much and obviously it is home betting Nicholas. Can’t wait until the weekend startsSaid the mother.

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Photo: Twitter, Williams

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