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Canada Introduces Goose Shoes

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September 28, 2021

Standard Barca by Canada Goose

Canada Duck It will start selling footwear from November as part of its ‘Beyond the Bar’ growth strategy. Starting with the 2018 acquisition of the Canadian company, a start-up planned for the past three years Buffin $ 32.4 million and up Appointment Adam Meek In the post of General Manager for Footwear and Accessories in July 2020.

To deal with all weather, the Snow Mantra high boot for $ 1,295 and the versatile Journey hiking boot for $ 750 are coming. Both are completely waterproof, available from the company’s website, through its approximately 30 stores and through established wholesale partners, including Net-A-Porter.

“Part of the success of the Canada Goose brand is keeping it clean from the start,” Reese explained to international press. We started with the best outerwear and warm jackets in the world and from there expanded to other genres like lightweight jackets, knitwear and other clothing. With shoes, we follow the same strategy of starting small, spending time, designing the best product and starting with thought.

The company began its ‘Beyond the Bar’ journey in 2017, launching knitwear, followed by last year’s fleece. According to estimates, clothing alone is expected to exceed $ 45 million in fiscal year sales. Success due to carefully structured, gradual expansion in page types relevant to the brand. With the introduction of the shoes, Canada Goose will be able to achieve full lifestyle brand status, giving its customers the ability to rely on the label to dress from head to toe.

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With the results achieved in the fourth quarter of the 2021 financial year, the new footwear line will be released in November, in conjunction with the brand’s flagship sales season. From January to March, sales increased by 33.7% compared to previous sales. During the epidemic period of 2019, e-commerce grew by 123.2% in the first three months of 2020. The fiscal year 2021 ended with $ 904 million, a slight decrease compared to the fiscal year 2020, when the brand reached $ 958 million.

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