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Special BM/Women’s World Cup – USA beats Canada and China in final to surprise Australia – Maurizio Roveri

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from Maurizio Roveri

How should it be… feeling giddy like being at the top of the Shanghai Tower and the tallest skyscraper in all of China.

Coach Wei Zheng’s national team climbs on the powerful shoulders of his tower, while Xu Han, the most representative Chinese player looks at the horizon from the top of 2.08. From there a big dream comes true. China finally beat Australia (61-59) after a tiring, exciting, exhausting challenge inside the “Sydney Superdome”. He fought shoulder to shoulder. Entry into the finals of this 2022 edition of the Women’s Basketball World Championship was up for grabs.

Australia, the home team, fought back proudly. Encouraged and supported by the fans of the “SuperDome”, the team led by Sandy Brondello fought with all their souls. Rebounds prevail. But that measly 31% shooting (22 of 71) has her beat. A painful missed opportunity.

Su Han, as the tower, has certainly impressed the Australians with his “presence” at the center of the region. Not finding a useful interval to compile safe results, easy scenarios.

He is 22 years old, Su Han. But he plays with great maturity. He made his most determined match. China should be pushed to the finals. Where to challenge the American Dream Team.

51.20% of 2-point makes clearly indicates how much China has worked to bring the game under the basket as much as possible. A successful strategy was partnering with the Australians’ inaccuracy and inconsistency on the 3-point shot (5 of 21, which is 23%).

Even when Australia (which had some initiative in the first quarter) went up to 5 lengths, Xu Han’s 6 feet 10 inches and 193 pounds assured China. 20 to 15.

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In recent months in America, the Chinese basketball player who played in the WNBA with the New York Liberty jersey, gave her national team twenty-seven minutes of pride and determination in this very balanced semifinal in a tight rope: 19 points (80 % shots on the basket), 5 fouls, 11 rebounds, 5 blocks and an extraordinary 33 efficiency.

Sue’s “presence” made a difference. However… the last flash to break the tie at 59-59 has the signature of Chiu Wang. Three seconds from the end, one step away from extra time, the winning instinct was there. Mistakes are going to earn. And with a severe cold, make two free throws. 61-59 years old. qualified to enter the finals of the World Cup.

In the other semi-final the “Queen” took the stage. Best of its class. Queen Prestige Brenna Stewart, champion of the world’s biggest baskets, Virtus Segafredo’s “forbidden dream” between June and July (she later signed to Fenerbahçe, the Turkish club that records all the best in the WNBA and seems destined to dominate the next Euroleague).

Brenna is still missing. A little on the edge. American coach Cheryl Reeve was a little rested. Can be at maximum energy during decisive matches.

Stewart took the scene. And was divine in its performance. Twenty minutes on the court, 17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 25 performance.

The always good and intense A’Jay Wilson (15 points, 12 rebounds, 30 assists), Kelsey Plum and Alyssa Thomas led Dream Team USA to an 83-43 win over Canada.

A difference of forty points. In the semi-finals of the world! Destructive, the creation of America.

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In the clash between the Americans’ explosive attack and Canada’s defensive organization (praised in previous games), there was no narrative. Canadian defenses have collapsed.

Semi Finals Results:

USA – Canada. 83-43

China-Australia. 61-59.

FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup Final 2022: USA v China, Saturday, October 1 at the Sydney Superdome.

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