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Press Release: MENTAL HEALTH TRAUMA TRAINING ONLINE: E-learning from Antarctica to Zimbabwe

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Toronto, ON, Canada November 1, 2010 -- Trauma is not limited to age,  social class, country, culture or time.  Trauma happens at any place and any time.  In fact, more than 50% of the population has been  exposed directly to a major traumatic event in the course of their  life time.  Even those who help trauma survivors can become secondarily traumatized by the plight of those they care for.




E-Learning from Antarctica to Zimbabwe

So what do most of us do when we have experienced a serious traumatic?  Absolutely nothing! And this is because we don't really know who to turn to.   Even worse, some seek out care but do not feel better as a result of the help they receive.  Getting the right help can make the difference between trauma recovery or severe post-traumatic symptoms like extreme fear, poor sleep and extreme social isolation.  The Traumatology Institute has been offering comprehensive training in Trauma Counseling since 1999 with new classes beginning January 2011.  While in class training is great, it is simply not accessible to everyone in remote communities or those without sufficient funds to bring trainers to their venues or travel to large conferences.  After years of development the Traumatology Institute now offers the full TITC series online through TI is seeing registrations from all over the world for this cutting edge program making access to advanced trauma training possible for trauma care professionals requiring up-to-date training interventions for trauma therapy.
In addition, Dr. Baranowsky recently released the audio recording “Recovery Now – TRAUMA” for those unable to access direct trauma counseling services.  She is the CEO of the Traumatology Institute and specializes in trauma assessment, treatment and PTSD training for mental health providers.
Her guiding principle has been the development of service to advance care and training in this field.  She has remained dedicated to this goal and has now identified a service gap in the area of matching trauma care seekers with trauma care providers.
Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, CEO Traumatology Institute;;
Phone:  416-229-1477 ext. 235

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky began the Traumatology Institute (Canada)  Training & Development Inc. in 1999 after requests for national and  international training.  TI training programs have become the 
favorite of clinicians who are seeking comprehensive skills in  post-trauma response and compassion fatigue resiliency care.  Since that time TI has trained 1000's of professionals worldwide.


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