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Online space for life with huge discount

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pCloud It focuses on its presentation, allowing you to have a space that suits your needs and is ready at any time A truly exceptional price and without a subscription: In fact, you only have to pay once, and the space in question becomes yours for life.

pCloud: Lifetime plans for every eventuality

pCloud Offers lifetime cloud space, Currently discounted up to 37%. This option frees you from the idea of ​​having to renew monthly subscriptions, allowing you to focus fully on using your digital spaces without further financial concerns.

All files have been uploaded to pCloud protected with TLS/SSL encryption And a strong 256-bit AES encryption system. Furthermore, the data is replicated in five copies Different serversThis ensures the security of your data even in the event of a technical malfunction. This high level of security makes pCloud a reliable choice for storing sensitive documents and media.

Among the functions offered, it includes pCloud Automatic image upload From your mobile device and the ability to access files even in offline mode. Moreover, the service integrates a backup system that is compatible with the most popular platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, making it easier to manage and sync your data.

pCloud is not limited to the online space only: it also allows it Play video and audio files Straight from the platform, thanks to the integrated players. This means you can watch your videos or listen to your favorite music via live streaming, without having to download files every time.

pCloud offers variable lifetime plans: 500GB for €199, 2TB for €399, 10TB for €1,190And all with great discounts. Each floor is covered with 10-day money back guaranteeGiving you the freedom to test the service without risk.

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