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May 16 and 17 MEDITEH Beyond, medical science closest to people Italpress News Agency

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Milan (Italy) – The MEDITEH Beyond International Summit will be held in Catania on May 16-17 (, to establish the birth of a collaborative network dedicated to research and development in the field of digital health, in the regions of the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East.
In recent years, following the path indicated from 2017 onwards by the National Center for Telemedicine of the Superior Institute of Health (CNTNT), directed by Professor Francesco Gabrielli, Italy is developing telemedicine for the entire Italian population as a tool in the service of medicine, amplifying its purpose and potential. , breaking down physical barriers determined by distance, and increasing equity in access and quality of care.
Diagnosis, treatment and treatment can be increasingly facilitated by these services, with particular importance in the case of chronic and frail patients, i.e. those who require constant monitoring. The potential of this technology can bring about change and support the reorganization of health services, which can be distributed equally across the territory, at the national level but not only, reducing the inequality between regions with a greater presence of health facilities and those with less access to services. All this can also be supported by investments provided for in the National Research and Rehabilitation Programme, but careful cooperation is necessary between all stakeholders in the health system: research centres, universities, health authorities, manufacturing companies and institutions. Collaboration is the key point to create local digital health services, but also to make possible new developments in technological solutions and advances in medicine. This cooperation must be able to expand internationally by seeking participation, cooperation and exchange.
“MEDITeH Beyond is the first summit that wants to strengthen cooperation in the field of digital health beyond the shores of the Mediterranean, and even beyond, towards Africa and the Middle East. But above all, it is the starting point for new partnerships to make the application of digital technologies for the advancement of medicine tangible in our countries.” With these words, Professor Francesco Gabrielli, Professor of e-Health at San Raffaele University in Rome and today also Director of the National Center for Guidelines for Telemedicine-SIT, explains the strategic importance of this promising international collaboration.
The two-day summit, promoted diplomatically with the Health Policy Committee and the scientific direction of Gabrieli himself, will focus on studying and exchanging concrete ideas and projects from all participating countries.
The first day includes, in addition to institutional greetings, an in-depth session on the development of biomedical sciences and a workshop to share the scenario, present and near future, on digital technologies at the service of the scientific medical sector, with presentations by renowned scientists and national and international professionals invited to the summit.
“Traditionally, Italy represents the northern Mediterranean and southern European countries, that is, a connecting element, and, moreover, it is seen as an advanced country in the medical field, throughout Europe. This gives us two responsibilities: to help others provide valuable medicines to patients who do not They often have the opportunity. At the same time, to work, at the network level in the Mediterranean region, to promote the development of medicine to encourage a better relationship between doctor and patient, even when in some cases this is not easy. These are the words of Professor Alberico L. Catapano, Director of the Department of Pharmacology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Milan, is one of the national speakers invited to make a contribution to the conference and a member of the Scientific Committee.
The second day of the summit is dedicated to collective work on digital health, in which delegates accredited to the summit will participate. The discussion will address various overall topics, highlighting the possibilities of developing telemedicine services in the current reality, and highlighting the prospects for applied research in the health care sector using digital technologies. The areas of work will be as follows: access to treatment and prevention; Managing major emergencies (e.g. epidemics, earthquakes, natural disasters), protecting chronic patients. Digital health care and rehabilitation; Clinical care and research in oncology.
During the working sessions, which registered summit listeners will be able to attend, delegates will present their ideas and contribute to the development of a short position paper.
“Telemedicine and medicine in itself are a team game and this requires that we work to accommodate all possible differences. Collaboration with different realities allows us to envision possible future scenarios and difficulties and be prepared to respond. Italy has always been projected into the cultural zone of the Mediterranean, and if the balances Internationalism has shifted more towards the Atlantic in the last century and a half, and it is true that for thousands of years Italy has played a very important role in the extended Mediterranean region that includes the Middle East, says Professor Marco Manca, President and Co-Founder of the ScimPulse Foundation, who will lead One of the discussions: “This makes us particularly valuable in our European transatlantic cooperation, as we bring a cultural uniqueness that only a few other players can boast to the tables, as well as being part of the Scientific Committee.”
The public position paper to be developed by the Scientific Committee, starting with the contributions of the working groups, will then be published as a tool to facilitate collaboration between healthcare institutions, research centres, universities and companies in next years’ production of the report. Countries that officially join the summit.
MEDITEH Beyond is therefore just a first step in building a permanent collaborative network for the development of medicine through digital technology between the Mediterranean region, Africa and the Middle East, where Italy presents itself as a promoter and facilitator.

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