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Putin displays his beloved European and American tanks conquered on the battlefield. A slap in the face of the West

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He flies Other Russian cities canceled their annual Victory Day parade on May 9 for security reasons. But the exhibition celebrating the union’s greatness is going ahead anyway, and this year it also aims to be a slap in the face for the union.the West: Captured British armored vehicles will be on display alongside a shipment of NATO equipment captured by Moscow.

Ukraine failure of American Abrams tanks: they withdrew from the front line. “Unfit for war”


The cancellation of the show was announced a week ago by the co-chair of the organizing committee of the Immortal Regiment Movement, Elena Tsunaeva.

Putin and tanks what’s going on

He explained, “Due to the existing threats to public safety, the leadership decided to cancel the 2024 Al-Khalid Regiment March,” adding that the celebrations will take the form of other events this year. The highlight of the commemorations commemorating Nazi Germany’s surrender during World War II will be the display of captured armored vehicles and equipment. The month-long exhibition, the Telegraph predicts, will present thirty different vehicles from twelve countries, including German Leopard 2 tanks and American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles captured on the battlefields of Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry has predicted. Videos of Western vehicle deployments posted on social media show Mastiff and Husky armored vehicles sent by the British to Kiev, the latter decorated with British and NATO flags.

The wreckage of a US-made Abrams tank, recently captured during fighting near the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, is shown in unverified photos shared by Russian sources as it is being transported to Moscow’s Victory Park, the open-air museum in the Russian capital that has been set up. To commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany. But in recent years it has become a tribute to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and celebrates supposed successes “against Ukrainian militants and their Western supporters.”

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Ukraine and Russia’s eastward advance ‘remains slow’ despite Kiev’s withdrawal: here’s why. Isw: «Reinforcements and weapons arrive»


The Russian Ministry of Defense explained that the new exhibition will include “vehicles and light weapons of foreign armies, combat documents, maps, literature and ideological equipment.” Other vehicles on display include the Swedish CV90 combat vehicle, the French AMX-10 mini-tank, and a British armored personnel carrier donated to Kiev in 2015. A correspondent for the Russian military channel Zvezda praised the good condition of the German-made Marder combat vehicle. He conquered it in the field: “It is in almost perfect condition, with only minor scratches, perhaps due to impacts caused by drones.” A similar event was held last year at Patriot Park near Moscow, where a collection of Western military equipment that Ukraine likely lost during its summer counteroffensive was also on display. The audience was able to get a closer look at the US-made M113 armored personnel carrier, which will also be present in the current edition of the exhibition, and an intact cruise missile.

Russia, attack on two Finnish aircraft over Estonia (in NATO airspace): GPS blocked, forced to reverse course

Kiev forces lost many vehicles, stranded in vast Russian minefields and abandoned by retreating Ukrainian forces under heavy artillery and drone bombardment. Recently, as American officials explained, they withdrew their fleet of Abrams tanks from the front line after five confirmed losses. Russian media photographed the wreckage of what appeared to be an Abrams tank, its tracks broken and its hull charred as a result of a possible drone strike, while it was being towed by a Soviet-era tank. Sources close to the Kremlin indicate that it was transported to Moscow to be displayed during the May 9 celebrations and to reveal that the tank was captured in the Battle of Berdychy, a village west of Avdiivka, from which Ukrainian forces withdrew over the weekend. Ukraine also displayed destroyed Russian tanks in central Kiev, but usually reuses captured vehicles on the battlefield.

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