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“He was armed…”. The secret of the drone crash that worries Europe

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The first results of the investigations were carried out to shed light on the secret of Drone It crashed in the Jarun district of Zagreb (Croatia) last Thursday evening 10 March: the plane was to be used to carry weapons.

what happened

Fortunately, the car crash did not cause any injuries, even if a crater about 3 meters in diameter was created and at least forty cars parked near the ground were damaged. A collision that was not followed by a fire, which immediately led to the suspicion that the drone had crashed because it had run out of fuel. The first survey documented that it should have been a Tu-141, Soviet-made but supplied forUkrainian army. It was suspected that the same medium was coming from Ukraine.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovicwhich expressed alarm at the episode, about the need to invest funds to allocate them to the country’s air defense system. “I have already drawn attention to the shortcomings of our air defense system, and now is the time to start developing it, and quickly, even if such a thing is unlikely to happen again.”announced. “We’ve seen all the shortcomings that exist and the fact that we can count on NATO, but that’s the decision we’re making.”.

Today’s data

According to President Milanovic at the conclusion of the extraordinary NATO summit in Brussels, some “big shots” of NATO were not aware of the incident. “You can see that from their expression.”Milanovic said.“It’s not ‘Dancing with the Stars’, what happened is a little different.” The Croatian president said he also spoke with Orban, as the drone is supposed to have crossed Hungary’s airspace. “Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. But it’s not the NATO issue, the first country had to respond to that, and this is Hungary. I think it won’t happen next time.”He is done.

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Transfer arms

According to the Prime Minister Andrei PlenkovicThe vehicle was carrying military hardware. “The investigation is underway and it is important that all these reports conducted by the professional departments, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense are complete and accurate.”Prime Minister announced.

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