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Ukraine-Russia, Today’s News | Kiev: “Violent Clashes on the Donetsk Front”

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• A clash between Ukrainian planes during training: 3 pilots were killed. Zelensky: “An investigation has been launched.”
• A secret meeting between Kiev and NATO regarding the counterattack.
• Military point: a Russian pilot flees by helicopter and delivers it to Kiev.
• Kiev to the European Union: “Restrictions on agricultural products are unacceptable.”

10:23 a.m. – “Juice was the ghost of Kiev, pressuring the United States for F-16s.”

The Ukrainian Air Force announced the names of the other pilots, in addition to Andriy “Joyce” Pilchikov, who died Friday in a plane crash near Zhytomyr: “They were experienced pilots and defended Ukrainian skies in particular.” They carried out missions in the regions to the east and in Zaporizhia. Vyacheslav Minka He rejoined the Air Force in 2015 when the Russian aggressor attacked Ukraine. He devoted a large part of his service to education. Sergey Prokazin He devoted 24 years of his life to aviation, from pilot to deputy brigade commander. bring it back RBC-Ukraine.

Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat told public television that the two L-39 Albatros trainers and the two fighters that collided were on a mission. Andrei “Joyce” Pilshchikov was a MiG-29 fighter pilot. He served in the 40th Tactical Air Brigade. He was a graduate of the Kharkiv Air Force University. He was one of the “Ghosts of Kiev”, repeatedly calling on Western partners to supply modern combat aircraft to Ukraine. 2018, he participated in the international “Clear Sky” maneuvers: that’s when the Americans chose him as “juicy,” Ignat said.

– Juice on the left and the other pilots who died in the crash (Photo by UNIAN Telegram)

09:45 – Kiev is investigating a plane crash in which heroic pilot Gus died

Investigations are underway in Kiev to find out the circumstances of the plane crash, Friday, in the Zhitomir region, west of the capital, in which one of the most famous Ukrainian fighter pilots lost his life. Andrei Pilshikov, pseudonym JuiceAnd Two more pilots. Yesterday evening, President Volodymyr Zelensky himself announced the investigation, recalling that Joyce “was a Ukrainian officer, one of those who helped our country a lot. a lot.’ and “Of course, Ukraine will never forget who defended the skies of a free Ukraine.” Pilchikov, 30, made his name by taking part in the fighting around Kiev during the first phase of the Russian invasion. The Ukrainian military called the deaths of the pilots a “painful and irreparable” loss and praised Gus as a pilot with “great knowledge and great talents”. The accident involved two L-39 training aircraft that flew over northern Ukraine.

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08:25 – “Clashes are raging on the front line in Donetsk.”

Clashes rage between the Russian and Ukrainian armies on the eastern front line in Donetsk: Kremlin forces are trying to advance in different directions Lehman, Bakhmut and Avdiivka But the Kyiv soldiers stopped them. This was reported by the Ukrainian General Staff in its morning report, citing UNIAN. “The Russians heavily bombed populated areas along the entire front line,” the Ukrainian military reported, adding that “at the same time, the defense forces are conducting an offensive operation in the southeastern direction of (Russian-occupied) Melitopol.” Zaporizhia region.

08:09 – Moscow: A drone struck a residential building in Kursk

A drone hit a residential building in Kursk, windows were shattered on some floors, and the glass of the building of the State Agricultural University was damaged. This was stated by Governor Roman Starovoit, citing RIA Novosti who posts the image of the building in which the drone is in the center. Kursk city borders Ukraine’s Sumy region to the west.

04:57 am – Moscow: “Seven attacks were repelled near Liman.”

The Russian armed forces repulsed seven Ukrainian attacks in the Krasny Lyman area Donbass. More than 80 Ukrainian fighters were killed. reports taxCiting Russian military sources. Attempts to attack were carried out by assault detachments of the 42nd and 63rd mechanized brigades, as well as the Azov special forces. According to the Russians, an infantry fighting vehicle, three armored vehicles and a pickup truck were destroyed.

04:05 – Kiev: A missile attack raises a new warning

And in Ukraine, the alarm sounded about an air attack with cruise missiles. The Air Force announces it KyivHe explained that Russian missiles are entering Ukrainian airspace from the north, in the Sumy region. The attack was launched – according to reports by the Ukrainian military – by Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers. The missiles are expected to reach Ukrainian territory between 3:50 and 4:40 local time.

03.47 am – “Drone shot down over Bryansk region, Russia”

Russian air defenses shoot down a plane Drone in the Bryansk region of Russia. The governor of the region, Aleksandr Bogomaz, wrote on Telegram, according to the Kiev Independent newspaper.

03:29 – The United States: “Moscow uses civilian spies to spread propaganda in the West.”

Russian intelligence is pursuing a “systematic” program of spreading pro-Kremlin propaganda through “civilian targets” in the United States and the West. Recently declassified documents of US agencies reveal this. In particular, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) is allegedly attempting to influence Western policy and public opinion by sending apparently independent Russian civilians to build relationships with prominent figures in the United States and elsewhere to also spread pro-Russian support in the media. .

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03:01 AM – Kiev Army: “In Crimea, we can strike the Russians anywhere.”

“Ukrainian forces can strike anywhere, anytime in Crimea.” This was stated by the head of military intelligence Kyiv Kirillo Budanov. bring it back ukrinform. “We are able to strike any part of the territory of the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” Budanov said. We can reach the enemy at any time. According to him, the Kiev forces have the ability to achieve certain goals at any time.

02:36 AM – A Russian pilot escapes with a helicopter and hands it over to the Kiev army

(By Andrea Marinelli and Guido OlympioThe operation was managed by the intelligence services, and the vehicle with fighter parts on board landed southeast of the capital. For Moscow, this is a “mistake,” but history has many precedents, some of them interesting.

02:11am – Gus, the young Ukrainian pilot dreamed of F-16s

Andrei Pilshchikov, I A 30-year-old pilot died Yesterday with two of his colleagues in a clash between planes during training, he was a “war hero” known in Ukraine but also abroad, because of his numerous interviews with correspondents of Western newspapers.

His fight name “Juice” was created by an American trainer during his time in California and, according to reports in the Ukrainian press, was due to the fact that he did not drink alcohol but only juice, specifically juice. In the first months of the war, he flew above all in the north of the country in defense of the capital and, according to today’s reports in the Ukrainian press, citing supporters of the Air Force, he was among the main proponents of the need to acquire F-16s to defend Ukrainian airspace.

01:58 AM – Dmitry Suslov: “Putin is now stronger, but he cannot bear another mobilization: the war will be of low intensity.”

(Written by Paolo Valentino) The failure and demise of Prigozhin’s rebellion further stabilize the regime. put it in It is now stronger, has complete control over all military and security agencies, and can look at what is going on 2024 electionsWhen he will surely be re-elected by an overwhelming majority.”

01:43 a.m. — Zelensky on plane crash: “We will not forget our pilots.” Accident investigation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shared his profile cable A video deploring the accident that claimed the lives of three Air Force pilots. “Yesterday there was a catastrophe in the sky over the Zhitomir region,” he said, “and three pilots were killed. And he was among them Andrei PilshikovCode name “Juice”. He was a Ukrainian officer who helped our country a lot. My condolences to the families and friends of the boys, and to everyone who knew them.” An investigation is underway into what happened.

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01:25 – A clash between Ukrainian planes during training, killing 3 pilots

Two Ukrainian L-39 Albatros two-seater trainers collided during flight training, killing at least 3 pilots. The accident occurred yesterday in the northwest region of ZhitomirBut it was only learned today from the official channels of cableIncluding the Kiev Air Force. Among the dead was a pilot from the 46th Tactical Aviation Brigade, known by the nickname “Juice”.

01:01 – 007 GB: “The Russians will advance in the northeast”

As Ukraine continues to gradually regain its territory in the south, Russia will try to regain the initiative by going back on the offensive, and one possible direction for that is Kupyansk-Lyman in the northeast of the country. This came in the latest bulletin of British intelligence. The Ukrainian counteroffensive has led to the retreat of Russian forces in Bakhmut and southern Ukraine. Despite this, the Western Group of Russian forces continues to attack on a small scale in the northeast, in the Kobyansk-Lyman region, with some limited local successes. According to intelligence, the There is a real possibility that Russia will increase its intensity in this region over the next two months, perhaps with the aim of advancing west to the Oskil River and creating a buffer zone around the Luhansk region.

00:22 – Kiev to the European Union: “It is unacceptable to maintain restrictions on agricultural products.”

The Kiev government considers the European Union’s continuation of trade restrictions on the import of some products unacceptable Ukrainian agricultural products After September 15th, when the current ban ends. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that these unilateral restrictions are incompatible with the spirit of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and with the principles and rules of the European Union’s single market.

Kiev said that “only in a spirit of solidarity can we meet the challenges arising from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and strengthen the EU’s single market.” Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary are among the European countries that oppose grain imports from Ukraine over fears of penalizing local farmers.

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