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Leading banks in Norway

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In Northern Europe, Norway is a democratic and prosperous country, located primarily in the Scandinavian Peninsula’s western part. However, the financial market of Norway has been advancing speedily and is indexed significantly high by the World Economic Forum. Norway’s banking sector consists of 120 banks including savings banks, commercial banks, and a marginal share of government-owned banks. You can visit ReviewsBird to be conversant with loans and different services of Norwegian banks by reviewing the thoughts of various customers on the subject. There are also other reviewing websites that can fulfil all your concerns regarding loans in Norway. The financial organizations in the country are governed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. 

Top Banks in Norway

DNB Bank

DNB is among the oldest private banks in Norway and was established in 1822. In the Nordic region, DNB bank has been classed as the biggest bank relating to assets and market capitalization. To sustain this rank, the bank has expanded into presenting a vast choice of financial services covering pension products and advisory services for corporate and retail clients. DNB has also been ranked as the biggest bank in the context of internet marketing serving around 1.3 clients. 

Handelsbanken Norway

Handelsbanken was founded in 1986 and it is the third-largest bank in Norway with a $ 30 billion asset base and 700 workers. The bank presents various services and products through 49 strategically located branches across the country. The services and products enclose mortgage and personal loans, pension solutions, savings accounts, debit and credit banks, insurance, international banking, cards and accounts for kids and adolescents, and late internet banking. 

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Sparebank 1 SMN

It is the fourth biggest bank in Norway proportional to assets with around 200 thousand clients and 14 hundred workers. The bank is situated in Trondheim and delivers services in 42 municipalities. 

Nordea Bank

The bank has its roots in Denmark, and it has evolved to become one of the largest banks across Northern Europe. In addition to its operation in Norway, it does exists in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Mainly, various mergers across all four countries are a great aspect of the growth of Nordea Bank in the 21st century. Currently, Sampo (an insurance company) has a majority holding in the bank. Besides, the bank’s stock is indexed within the stock markets of Scandinavian countries.

Cultura Sparebank

Cultura Sparebank was established in 1982. Cultura Sparebank is a bank that primarily delivers savings banking services. With the involvement in ethical drive, the bank seeks to finance all investments and savings utilizing ethical approaches. Accordingly, Cultura Sparebank has built a financial setting that authorizes its customers to agreeably save and finance the organization. Cultura Sparebank has various branches in Oslo and other places across the country with a net worth of $80 million.


Norway holds a very better standard of living, well-organized financing organizations and greater education and health services proportion. Norway’s banking system forms commercial banks, saving banks, and branches of foreign banks.

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