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Line Hockey, Under 14 Regional Championships: Scomed Bomporto stops in Forlì – Solpanaro

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Bomborto – It was a tough Sunday, November 13th, for the Scummed Bomborto U14s who surrendered in both matches in the regional championship in Forlì.

Unfortunately, seasonal illnesses had “destroyed” the Bombortis Young Athletes team, distorting the results of predictions that saw Scomed play against Riccione and Ferrara on this first day of the tournament.

Also held on Sunday, November 13, on the occasion of the San Martino Fair, were the celebrations for the return of the Bombortis champions from the World Cup in Buenos Aires. Alicia Bergamini and Georgia Zanella who roasted together in the presence of the mayor and sports advisor of Bomborto.

On this occasion, the first ten years of voluntary activity were also celebrated, which since 2012 have contributed greatly to the support of the sports organization.

Under 14 regional championships

These are today’s results:

Rexion – Bomborto jogged 10-4 (for goals scored by Bomporto via: 3 Bergamini 1 Allegretti)

Scomede Bomborto – Ferrara 2 – 8 (For Scomed Bomporto goal: 2 Allegretti)


Scomed Bomporto U14 squad: Marchica-Papa-Pergamini-Cipriano-Corazari-Raimondi-Alegretti-Vicki-Beltrami-Roversi-Ardente-Vergari G.-SANTAGIULIANA.


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