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“Christophe Quelque Chose” or a subtle blend of science, theater and magic

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A former neuroscientist who specializes in memory disorders, Christoph Eates, 42, came that evening to present his new work to the public. Choose Christoph Kelk – Behind the scenes. A desk, a few copies of his book, a large two-tape tape recorder, here begins his speech, a little hesitant, a little embarrassed. Explain to him that he wants to understand the formation of our personal or intimate identity. “Our brains can be reconfigured according to our environment.” This is called “plasticity of the brain”. To develop his point, he relies on the case of patient Jeanne Licht, a former actress. After she underwent surgery to treat a brain tumor, Jane lost her memory. The circle of children is damaged: they can no longer create memories. For example, he could no longer access what had just happened ten minutes ago. She’s Frozen in the Past: She thinks she’s 27 when she’s…44.

As Christoph Eats transmits extracts from the recordings he made with Jane, little by little, his memories of her, of what she lived with, let the recorder chains come true. Immerse the audience in the reality of the shared past of this therapist and his patient who fell in love and got married.

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