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You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up everything you have.

France Protests Live Coverage – March in Paris until students are in the square with workers. “Deputies and senators cut your pensions”

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Many young people in the procession: “Macron cannot impose his laws on us”

Gene , 19 yearsart student, traveled from Toulouse In Paris for the procession: “I came here because I had something to do. My parents miss them.” Two years To retire and can’t afford it anymore. This is not the life we ​​want and Macron cannot continue to impose Ignore the laws we are in democracy“.

by Martina Castigliani, sent to Paris

The Garbage Collectors Union announces the suspension of the strike

French Federation Cgt Announce a comment He hits affiliate garbage collectors Starting tomorrow (Wednesday). In Paris, in recent weeks, tons of rubbish have been left on the ground as part of protests against pension reform. Emmanuel Macronturning the French capital into a kind of Huge dump open sky.

Student Voices: “Reform is discrimination against minorities”

Julie, 20, is studying law at a university Nanterre: “This reform is discriminatory minorities and the Community lgbtqi+. It’s affecting all of us now. And we students must take action for those who cannot be on the streets today.”

by Martina Castigliani, sent to Paris

Sources in the Bornean government: “We will not stop the reform”

“We will not put Reformation in breakSources close to the French Prime Minister Elizabeth to bearaccording to BFM-TV On the day of new strikes and national protests in France, thus responding to the request Laurent Bergerleader of France’s first trade union CFDT, is putting a “freeze” on a disputed pension reform that would gradually raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

“Macron helps the rich and asks us for sacrifices”

Karen, 39, secondary school teacher: “Macron doesn’t come and tell us there’s no money. Get kicked out.” Help the rich Now ask us sacrifices. Prices i Super profits And let’s see he finds the money right away.”

by Martina Castigliani, sent to Paris

Retirement is not a waiting room for death.

“We’re here to say that retirement is not an antechamber for death but a stage in life,” says Al I finish Matteowriter 22 yearswho is participating in the rally with Communist Youth Movement.

Students in the square with workers: “Here we are against Macron”

The Unified University Faculties Committee in Paris and its suburbs is also participating in the march. “We are here because students and young people in general have to give support them For workers and workers. we are here against Macron And his decision to He denies democracy. We want a different system and now we are also taking to the streets,” he says Simona 23-year-old literature student at the College Paris 1.

by Martina Castigliani, sent to Paris

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