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Ukraine, Zelensky and his wife on “Vogue”: controversy

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Report on “Vogue” and the controversy –

Bremer’s critical opinion sparks a fiery controversy that reveals everything in the comments on social media, naturally touching more latitudes and more tones. The truth is that Vogue “does Vogue,” and therefore, in support of an interview signed by Rachel Donadio that actually also explores the more personal side of the life of the first lady of a country at war, publishes a photoshoot done by world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, who does not Dressed in her style and style: Her lens has immortalized the Obamas, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

War and make-up –

But this time, flawless makeup and hair with sandbags in the background in the presidential palace in Kyiv, according to many, are elements that contradict each other very much. In addition to Olina who “appears” at the Antonov Airport in Gostomel clutching the collar of a well-cut blue coat in front of the remains of a Ukrainian plane surrounded by three female soldiers in camouflage clothing, to some critical voices that have rode in these hours the web can be an offensive approach to those who fight, And those who die, and those who suffer.

Zelenska defense –

However, the choice to rely on the star photographer’s skillful lens and on Vogue pens appears to have been favored by the presidency in Kyiv, given that the profile also publishes a behind-the-scenes photo session in which the Ukrainian president was seen collaborating on the shoot. Olena Zelenska herself seems to claim this choice with a comment posted to the Twitter profile of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that carries every tone of the first lady’s reaction to the controversy: “Being on the cover of Vogue is a great honor and a great honor. A dream. For many eminent personalities and successful in the world. The one thing I wish for all of them is that it doesn’t happen because there is war in their country.”

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