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Juventus Cagliari U-16 Scoreboard: The Science of Providence

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Juventus Cagliari U-16 scoreboard: The votes of the match champions are valid for the sixth day of the tournament

Voting cards and reports Juventus Cagliari U16The match is valid for the sixth day of the tournament. match record


Piras 6.5 It is secure in outlets with high jacks, and is always responsive when requested. Blameless Grandu’s ballistic masterpiece.

Abdomen 6.5 Not very accurate in the construction phase, he is much safer in closing spaces and forming a solid defensive line with his teammates. – from 50′ Spring 6 He struggles to get into the game and his performance increases with the passing of the minutes.

Georgia 7.5 The usual performance of great defensive solidity and dash along the left flank. Flawless even in sliding closure. One of his best. starting at 50′ Pagnucco 6.5 He is regularly suggested on the left wing, but the spaces to try to hit the Sardinian defense are progressively less.

Scarpetta 7 He makes good use of his body to lock in the initiatives of the Cagliari strikers. His interventions are always clean, regular and efficient.

Buffender 6.5 It always shows itself in the middle of the field, it is a reference point under construction.

Nobel 7 He saved his teammates several times with minute locks on guest attackers. It also actively contributes to the development of the game

why 7 Play in a simple but effective way, just what Banzanaru asks him to do. He tries to make his mark with strong, far-reaching conclusions, but unfortunately for him and Juventus, it is not very accurate. – from 50′ Science 7.5 Try to build interesting game stories. In the end it becomes a reference point for trying to organize the Juve gambit. On the last breath, he gives the equalizer to himself with a free kick.

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Crapisto 6.5 There are a few spaces available to him, but he tries to free himself from theft without giving reference points in the midfield.

punch 6.5 He has the right desire and determination to be able to influence the match. He doesn’t always get along with his buddies in the department, which misses some potentially good opportunities. Starting at 62′ Nuti 6.5 Try to give strength and blast in the last minutes, with only partial positive results.

Finocchiaro 7.5.1 Update Very proactive, always a real threat when he leaves the ball and chain. When he turns, Juve becomes dangerous and unpredictable.

Pisano 7 He’s one of the brightest of the attack, and he often goes off the line to find spaces. It’s not accurate enough when it comes to grid finishing. starting at 58′ Bellebok 6 He runs and fights for every ball, battling between the opponent’s tight nets. In the end, a great opportunity is missed.

Banzanaro 6.5 A great pressure began from his team, which nevertheless failed to open the game. In the second half, his team was caught cold by Grandu but he has the strength to fight back: if the result is not entirely positive, the performance is sure to be saved.

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