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Fiat became famous in Italy for a series of cult films

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It was one of the smallest sedans produced in our country, but for an ordinary Italian it will always be a car with an “unfortunate” character. Below are the features and their inclusion in the market.

It is certainly one of the most famous novels of Italian cinema, and just being considered a comedy series means making a huge mistake for its creator: the film series Fantasy Created by actor and comedian Paolo Villaggio, known worldwide as One of the most important It was never made in Italy, making the tragic figure of Ugo Fantuzzi known even to beginners in the seventh art.

Fiat logo (web source)

The series, which was born initially as a series of novels and ran from 1971 to 1999 on the big screen represents a cross-section of Italian society in the twentieth century with crude potency and sees Villaggio personally interpret the protagonist, Unfortunate FantozziHe drives his small car, which has become one of the most famous cars in Italian cinema.

Wikipedia Antozzi 21_04_2022 Quattromania
Ugo Fantuzzi driving his car (Wikipedia)

Yes, because British cinema has James Bond’s Aston Martin as a symbol and America’s Bullit’s Mustang, we Italians can also boast Small car Made famous by this movie epic, a car built by a brand that is no longer in business today. And you? Remember any Fantozzi par excellence in the saga?

small and cheap

The accountant car Fantozzi of course is inevitable Autobianchi Bianchina From 1962 in the sedan configuration, a car capable of accommodating four people despite its small size. It was produced by the Italian brand that closed its doors in 1995 after nearly forty years of activity for almost the entire sixties, even in this particular configuration.

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Autobianchi Classic Dealer 21_04_2022 Quattromania
A perfectly preserved Autobianchi Bianchina (Merchant Classic)

Equipped with A little over 20 hp At just over three meters long, the Bianchina has been produced in more than 60,000 units and was originally created to appeal to that group of customers who valued the Fiat 500 but wanted some extra seating and more room on board. The car was a huge success at the time, to the point that there are still many of them in operation today.

Let’s say you want to buy a car similar to our Fantozzi: the price of this famous car would definitely be too high, wouldn’t it? Wrong! Surprisingly, Bianchina despite its classic status and fame It’s really cheap At the flea market: it is easy to find an example in good condition A Less than 5000 Euro. So much for the “losing” car…

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