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Weather report. Larry Storm landed in Canada. Thousands of resistances and violent storms 3B Meteo

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In the upper left corner, a lorry hurricane seen from a satellite
In the upper left corner, a lorry hurricane seen from a satellite

After going up to the Atlantic and touching Bermuda Hurricane Larry made landfall on Newfoundland Island, Canada. It crosses its eastern part from south to north. There was a hurricane at the time the truck hit the ground Type 1 The wind was blowing at 182km / h on Friday night in Cape St. Mary’s in the southeastern part of the island. It was provocative A strong storm with waves about four meters high rises and caused darkness As a result, more than 10,000 users were left without electricity.

They are reported Damage to buildings, It was inevitably canceled, including a shed where a series of concerts were to be held on Friday evening. Local authorities have strongly advised people not to leave their homes except for essential necessities. Numerous shelters have been set up on Newfoundland Island for people who will be forced to leave their homes if it becomes unusable.

Meanwhile, Larry continues his move north-northeast and on Approaching the southern coast of Greenland on Sunday, However, it will lose energy and its tropical properties as it flows into the cold water before being absorbed into the chaotic Atlantic flow that takes it to Iceland on Tuesday.

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