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In Wiesbaden Museum Frank Stella gives way

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The simple American painter and sculptor questions the basic principles of the history of painting

The 2022 edition of the Alexej von Jawlensky Prize, established by Hesse Land Capital with Spielbank Wiesbaden and Nassauische Sparkasse, went to Frank Philip Stella (1936). In addition to the cash prize, the winner has the opportunity to present a personal exhibition at the city’s museum, the Wiesbaden Museum, and to sell their work themselves.

The exhibition of the same name “Frank Stella” (June 10 – October 9) is an invitation to discover the complex realms of the simple American painter and sculptor, of art rich in literary references, not abstract, not representational in the traditional sense. The Wiesbaden Gallery houses some of Stella’s most famous and revolutionary works compared to the most important works in the home collection.

An artist always looking for references to the past he studied, dealing with different eras and styles, Stella has never felt far from the many illustrious colleagues who preceded him, and above them all, Golinsky, because he says: “The problems of painting and the fundamental questions that have accompanied all painters through the centuries are always the same“.

Thus, for example, the themes of abstraction or representation, allusion and ornamentation, return in the studies and works of Stella who worked and spoke above all about the latter: “The ultimate goal of art is the creation of space; a space not affected by decoration or illustration; A space where painting subjects can live. This was always the drawing“.

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