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Mayor Latin: “There is no place for rioters and instigators” – Sports

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Tierney – The atmosphere of the derby on every level. Reactions to photos of some Perugia supporters demonstrating against the construction of the private clinic under the agreement that Rosoverde President Stefano Bandicci requested to be built with the new “Liberati” did not last long.

Leonardo Latini, Mayor of Terni, wrote in a post on his Facebook page: “The new path of the Umbria region certainly does not share these few-minded hooligans, the legacy of the old Perugian mentality. I will be the spokesperson for the needs of the territory because the Stadio-Clinica project and the new hospital are two goals to be achieved from Terni’s sake. A brief (and ironic, as is often the case in his style) response to the protesters by Bandecchi who wrote in a story posted to his Instagram profile: “Thanks for the help. We were going to do it anyway but now it’s safe…” and attached a smiley face . We remind you that these days the working group of Project Director Architect Sergio Anibaldi is integrating the executive project of the new stadium in Terni and the adjacent affiliate clinic to be built in the vicinity of PalaTerni and which is under construction. Work is also underway to define the final bureaucratic aspects. Therefore, within the first days of the new year, the clinical phase project should be presented in the territory.

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