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Fatalities, books denunciations and fears of the day –

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Latest lawsuit on Steroids In the Italian football of yesterday, brought back into fashion today by the heroes of the time, it inevitably opens a cross-section on a thorny issue. Like trying to move on a broken, unstable and dangerous tile floor. Speaking of which, in 2023, it’s still generating buzz. But you always end up at a dead end.

The first real doping scandal in Italian football dates back to 4 March 1964. the Bologna, who could have won a few months from what is still left of its last scudetto, has been at the center of an issue regarding the positivity of some of its players. 5, to be precise, whose urine tests caused a stir. The history of the champions goes back to the match between Bologna and Torino, which took place on February 2. The most ingenious adjectives are formulated, of unprecedented truth. But let’s take a step back.

Already in 1961, football, the main pastime of the Italian man, was undermined by the suspicion of these issues.. In fact, these are funny episodes that have not been confirmed. On the eve of Rimet’s match in Chile in 62, which ended badly for Italy, the first checks of the players showed many positives: this is the first reputation of <مدمني المخدرات> , who were going to cross national borders. the Change the athleteOn April 16, this front page appears:We are all addicted to drugsCelebrity caricature Marino Guarguaglini – With the help of the imperative count Alberto Rognoni – frame the situation with the slogan “test tube republic“.

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Eleven from Bologna 1963-64

Let’s go back to 1964. The yellow used by Bologna at the start saw them put up 3 points in the standings: 2 points after the victory over Torino, 1 from the penalty spot. Let’s talk about amphetamines. It is the Russophiles who shout the conspiracy to tamper with test tubes. They resume and win, taking back the crucial points won by the scudetto in the play-off against Inter. Unresolved sensation (He also reconstructed Paolo Facchinetti’s bookFrom soccer to soccer‘, Conte Editor, 1989). We’ll have to wait until 1990 to go back to talking about doping in Italian football, Roma players Angelo Peruzzi And Andrew Carnival Positive for phentermine (famous lebobel scandal, banned slimming drug): One even tries the silly fettuccine menu with meat sauce from Mama Peruzzi, serial lies. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office bans them for a year.

The cases in the coming years will be different, with different substances – the Italians will discover the presence of Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid – and more or less long pauses by Sports Justice. However, in 1998, the Roma coach Zdenek Zeman Interview with espressowhich he talked about Drugs and doping as elements are very prevalent in Italian football. Attorney general Rafael Guarinello He decided to launch an extensive investigation to shed light on the matter and the possible links to the numerous deaths of former footballers. Given the large number of athletes—particularly those active in their seventies—who died prematurely from disease, the judge decided to compile a list of suspicious deaths to investigate.

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Rafael Guarinello

In his work, he was somewhat facilitated by a book, the release of which in 2000 caused controversy and debate. It is aboutIn the slush of God’s balloonBiography of the former midfielder Charles Petrini, champion of the Italian First Division between the end of the sixties and the dawn of the eighties. Petrini is sick. He had nothing left to lose so he decided to come clean. He talks about his corrupt life. Tell cheaters in football. match-fixing but also doping, in an act that opens a crack. The topic that is resumed in the next book “Scudetti dopati” (2005). The former racket’s books of complaints caused a sensation but fell into oblivionEspecially after his death in 2012. Also, Guariniello’s efforts did not lead to a concrete truth and the perpetrators, as the families of the missing players had hoped.

Charles Petrini

Another “inconvenient” episode was related to the publication of yet another autobiography. one of Ferruccio Mazzola, younger brother of Sandro, son of the great Valentino and former Serie A player. In 2004 he published with Fabrizio Calzia, “The Third Wheel – Ferruccio Mazzola’s Heavy TruthsFrankly accused Helenio Herrera, the great Inter coach in which he played briefly with his brother, to force players to take amphetamine tablets dissolved in coffee. He was sued for defamation by Inter: Ferruccio won. Sandro, who was stressed at first, then withdrew He accuses his brother of wanting revenge on the Nerazzurri club for past mistakes. Anabolic steroids, illegal practices, are possible causes of premature death.

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Book complaint submitted by Ferruccio Mazzola

There were also gods time threadsrelated to specific clubs and a lot of suspicious issues: the above mentioned are great Inter From the sixties coached by Herrera and Florentine From the early seventies, for example.

In 2005, in the wake of Mazzola’s book, the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the death of Bruno BeatriceThe former Fiorentina player in the seventies and died prematurely. In 2009 the case was closed. In short: the problem was never solved, first of all from a legal point of view. vanishement Gianluca VialliLast January 6, he awakened the fears of some contemporary colleagues of the former Juventus captain, who died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 58. Dino Baggio, Florin Radocio, Massimo Brambati, Antonio De Gennaro, Marco Tardelli, Giuseppe Bergomi In recent days I’ve been talking about steroids, drips, and pills (the infamous Michorin), to express fear for one’s health, and to remember the substances ingested during the activity. The blue bus threw water on the fire Robert Mancini And a friend of Vialli’s brother.

The issue of doping in Italian football has been, and will continue to be, a complex and sensitive topic that can hardly find truth. However, it does not cease to arouse interest and excite consciences.

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