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Carlo Verdone: “Go away” | The actor does not utter the words this time

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Through films and with his public interventions, he has always been able to portray well the current situation of our country

An artist of great caliber, both in terms of direction and script, and if we are referring to such and such simple acting. But also an intellectual end. That’s why Carlo Verdoni’s words make the most noise. The Romanian director did not break through with words.

Carlo Verdone (web image)

Today, 71 years old, in fact, Carlo Verdoni looks into the past and is satisfied only with his extraordinary career, which is still in progress. Indeed, in recent months, she has had a huge success with the series “Vita da Carlo”. In fact, in most of his success, Verdone has been a principal director and actor. Among the most influential titles in the collective imagination, we can’t help but mention “So Much Beauty”, “White, Red, and Ferdone”, “Borotalco”, “Fuck the Day I Met You”, “Honeymoon”, “I’m Crazy About Iris Blond” “,” Capercaillie.

With him, some of the most sought-after actresses on the Italian scene: from Claudia Gerini (his true inspiration) to Margherita Bay and Asia Argento. For him also a very important role in Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winning film “The Great Beauty” in 2013.

Carlo Verdone He trained professionally under the protective wing of the great Sergio Leon. The famous director of the “Dollar Trilogy”, who launched an actor of Clint Eastwood’s caliber on the international scene. But also the author of that masterpiece called Once Upon a Time in America.

“drifting away”

Often in his films, Ferdouni made fun of his whims. on his psychoanalysis. From “Damn the day I met you” to “let’s lose sight of it”, all the way to “but what’s our fault”. As well as in the last song “Vita da Carlo”. All the problems he always managed to track down.

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A character who is never vulgar, Carlo Verdone. Through films and with his public interventions, he has always been able to portray well the current state of our country. And it does so again, this time with statements meant to stir up debate.

On Tik Tok, in fact, we found an interview with him in it It reveals disappointment about the moment Italy is in. Not only in relation to cinema and art in general. But above all for the fate that she reserves for her youth.

Tweet embed #CapCut # O Lord #Green color # youths #Italia #master #abroad # The unemployment #employer ♬ original sound – CIT

And then, on the direct question, Verdone’s advice to youngsters is a cut: “Study languages ​​well, get a master’s degree abroad and go far.” A concept that Verdone repeats immediately after: “For now, I’d say ‘go away’ because there aren’t great opportunities here.”

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