Home sport Hockey and football teams, a wave of raises for the most loyal fans

Hockey and football teams, a wave of raises for the most loyal fans

Hockey and football teams, a wave of raises for the most loyal fans

A K-Tipp survey showed that 10 out of 12 clubs have raised their prices. The most expensive season in football is the Rhine season (65 francs more than last year), and in hockey the Ambry-Biotta season (100 francs more).

Bad news for fans of Swiss hockey and football teams: most companies are raising season ticket prices. This is what emerges from a survey conducted by K-Tipp, which also points the finger at the evolution of viewership of matches on TV. The Premier Soccer League kicks off at the end of July, while the National Ice Hockey League will begin in mid-September, Consumer magazine reports on today’s newsstand. A season ticket price comparison (for adults, cheapest seat outside the family sector) shows that ten out of twelve football clubs have raised their prices. One of the reasons: due to a change in the calendar, there will be 19 home games this season instead of 18.

Ticket prices have generally increased according to the cost of the extra match, but this is not always the case. For example, FC Basel imposed a 7.5% increase on all tickets. At 420 francs, the Rhine season is also the most expensive in the entire tournament: it cost 65 francs more than the previous year. On its website, the club justifies the increase in stadium running costs, as well as in energy, materials and wages. In Lugano, they ask for CHF340 (price unchanged), while Young Boys of Bern offer the cheapest season ticket at CHF285 (+15). Parents and children are generally paid a lower amount in the family sector. Standing room is also cheaper: depending on the stadium, this is rarely available.

Switching to ice hockey changes the sport but not the music: many enthusiasts will have to deal with significant increases. Again according to research by K-Tipp (which takes into account how much an adult has to spend outside the family sector), HC Ambri-Piotta supporters will pay an extra 100 francs for a season ticket, now 1,150 francs: the most expensive in the Swiss championship. It closely follows the amount of Biel, from which you have to make 1027.50 francs: moreover, it is only valid until the Quarter-finals of the Qualifiers. The cheapest season ticket that also includes the final stage is the ZSC Lions of Zurich ticket, at CHF650; In Lugano, 770 francs must be put on the table (the figure remains unchanged).

Companies that have revised their tariffs upwards explain their choice by the evolution of energy costs. Zug also cites staff shortages, value-added tax and the war in Ukraine as reasons, while Kloten points to additional costs for suppliers and rents.

But even those who choose to watch the matches on TV will have to go further to the cash desk. Mysports (ice hockey) and Blue TV (soccer) have increased prices for sports subscriptions: With Mysports by Sunrise, new customers will pay 29.90 francs per month instead of 25 francs from September 15th and one game will cost 15 francs instead of 9.00 francs. Bluesport’s Blue TV subscription has already become more affordable since June: 34.90 francs per month instead of 29.90. It is no longer possible to purchase a single game. However, K-Tipp points out that there are free alternatives for enthusiasts. One national league hockey match per week will be broadcast for free on TV24 and Blick.ch. There are also live sports portals such as Livetv.sx and livetvs.eu, where you can watch video broadcasts of many live matches from various leagues; However, on these sites, you have to deal with defects in terms of quality, interruptions, and ads.


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