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What a fuss for the Democratic Party, the indigestible Cospito and Maurizio Costanzo: So, today …

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– Controversy again about a school taken to see a play on Gender dysfunction A boy will feel like a girl or vice versa. The point is not that we don’t want to talk about something that might already be there, but that here we are transforming the minority phenomenon – I said it and repeat it – into a “normal state”. bombing children.

– L’European Union Rejects the Chinese plan to Hello Because it does not include “a justification for the illegal invasion of Russia and obscures the role of the aggressor and attacker.” Well, Brussels is also right. But every peace treaty, after difficult negotiations, always leads to a compromise with the intention of stopping the weapons, we must adopt a slightly different spirit and take into account that Ukraine will also have to make concessions. It’s bad to say, but that’s the way it is.

– Watch what happens in the plant stellants My file: Production stopped from Saturday to Tuesday because the components did not arrive. The world is changing and we are a little unprepared. Another detail, hear from Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. “It’s evidence” that electric cars cost too much to be able to completely transform the European auto portfolio, the executive said. Not only that: “There have been more effective solutions to protect the planet” and “The real challenge of the electric car is to make it affordable for everyone.” We’re not there yet, from a technological standpoint. government incentives: For a few thousand cars this can be done, but for millions of vehicles from 2035 onwards it is practically impossible. So we risk electrocuting ourselves.

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– Every time students are mobilized against “i.e fascistsI fascistsEvery time I hear “This school is anti-fascist” I feel like dropping everything and moving to Brazil.

Republic He flogged a case regarding this alleged beating in front of school Pretending not to see a high school teacher’s denial, according to which the left-handed disciples would have started it all. The reaction of the right-wing militants is certainly not justified, but it is not a matter of “fascist aggression”. If any fight where from their left to the right.

– dead Maurice Costanzo and what do you mean? Nothing: Like it or not, a TV giant. The best anecdote remains about the attack the mafia prepared for him: “Every time I think of him I say to myself: ‘Kill that donkey’.” May the earth enlighten you.

I do not like Fedez, but if stuttering is real, I understand because only stutterers can understand it. Surmountable: However, you have to rely on the right people. Federico Lucia will never read this column, but I know one, if necessary.

– the veto Confirms the minister’s decision Charles Nordeau on Alfred Cospetto: the anarchist remained in 41 bis. He can eat again: his reasons and those of those who supported them are neither in heaven nor on earth.

– And now P.D what will he do? That program that asked Cospito (Pepe Provenzano, Andrea Orlando etc.) to cancel 41 bis, how will you move? For the umpteenth time, the Democratic leaders launched a fight. And they chose poorly. They will now try to divert attention to the Delmastro-Donzelli case, but it is brilliant nonsense. They got another blast.

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– In Ecuador, they thought of turning the seized cocaine into building cement. I can already imagine people sniffing the highway towers in the hope that something is still sniffing.

– Gentlemen pseudo-where are you? Because no one puts the pills Republic And the whole left-wing account, which speaks of what appears in these hours concerning the alleged aggression of Florence? And because no one does a job explaining this controversy around it Valdetara Is he completely “out of context” about what he actually said? Why does no one point out that in his interview he said “I don’t think it necessary to intervene” against the director?

– Meanwhile, while we discuss the war and the so-called peace plans ChinaKnow that Kazakhstan is discussing a project with Russia to build a new gas pipeline that will deliver methane to China. It will take some time of course. It probably won’t be as profitable. But Moscow is moving east, and I don’t know if that’s good news.

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