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Migrants as extortion and espionage: “So Rabat asked me to go to Italy”

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Kidnapping, torture and detention in a secret prison. Story of the Muhammad Al-DihaniA Sahrawi activist and human rights advocate, similar to an action movie script. Rather, his expertise in the field, in “close contact” withMoroccan intelligenceThat same intelligence jumped to the center of Qatargate. The Moroccan 007’s stealth capability has only surfaced in recent days. However, there are those who are not at all surprised by the news from Brussels, the epicenter of the latest European scandal.

Activist Certificate

Dinhani gave a lengthy interview to the newspaper Prophet He spoke in depth about the Moroccan intelligence. The activist leveled strongly worded accusations against Rabat, accusing his men of exploitation Henf against him. “I have been kidnapped tortured and hold in Secret prison Moroccan intelligence. At one point they even offered me money to work for them from Italy. I refused and then they left me for 7 months in an underground prison. But thanks to Italian justice, I was able to get back hereDinhani said.

The activist was able to enter Italian territory on July 22 and request international protection after winning a lengthy legal battle. The court in Rome ordered that Farnesina issue a visa to the man so that he could reach Italy within seven days, which she did through the embassy in Tunis, where Dinhani himself was at the time. who, meanwhile, has never been able to set foot in our country as his name has been entered into a database Schengen Information System (SIS) Even since 2010.

The role of Moroccan intelligence

Dinhani has been described as “alleged terrorist He was planning attacks on the Italian territories, the Vatican City and Denmark.Correspondence classified as confidentialThe Court of Rome therefore pointed out that, since there are no details of a state secret, the designation “secret” could not conflict with judicial authority. And at the end of a grueling bureaucratic process, Dinhani finally got out of the maze.

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We do not know who accused the activist of being a terrorist. Dinhani raises doubts about Moroccan intelligence, even if there is no confirmed evidence: “They are doing this with Sahrawi activists to keep them prisoners in MoroccoThe man also gave a symbolic reflection:The disturbing question is: How does Morocco exist Relations With those who run the State Information ServiceAnd, as revealed by Denhani’s discoveries, Rabay’s 007 machines will even be able to convince European nations to enter or deactivate people in Schengen blacklist.

In 2012, 007 members toured prisons holding alleged terrorists and suggested they be released immediately on the condition that they go to Syria. As for me, even though I had to serve for another 8 years, they offered me pay me To shut up and cooperate with themsaid the activist.

Shadow of Morocco

To a more specific question about the “strength” of the 007s’ ligament, Dinhani replies that “Morocco is everywhere“.”The Director of Moroccan intelligence He entered Italia More than once to talk about suspected terrorists, but I know there is more at stakeHe confirmed that the activist asked Italy to verify the suspicious trips made by Italian parliamentarians, members of the Italian Parliament, associations and research institutes from 2010 to 2016 to Morocco.Those who refused to listen to Al-Sarhawi’s voices, broadcasting only pro-government voices“.

Returning to the operational capacity of the Moroccan intelligence, Al-Dinhani explained that the Pegasus spyware was used asMoroccan armed wing 007 to blackmail Europe and the rest of the world“.”They spied on journalists and politicians for three yearsHe repeated, I remember that even the name Emmanuel Macron It appears in the list of 50,000 phone numbers that have been targeted by this spyware.

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The espionage wasn’t enough, Dinhani thinks Morocco is using me immigrants as a weapon of blackmail. “For example, if the Spanish foreign minister says he wants to support the cause of the Sahrawi people, Morocco opens its borders en masse and migrants flock to the Spanish coast.“, he claimed. For Rabat, control Western Desert It is fundamental, from both a strategic and economic point of view. “Rabat cannot live with an independent Western Sahara, so it is ready to bribe everyoneThe activist concluded.

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