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PDHAE finds 3 golden points in the fall of Fossano, Agroville and Scharvensoud – Aosta news, current affairs, sports information, news, events and offers in Aosta Valley

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In Prima, the blitzkrieg of Grand Paradis, Saint-Vincent Châtillon returns to success

Boumat can do nothing about Ghia’s punishment

PDHAE finds 3 gold points in Fossano and gives more oxygen for its rating. Aygreville and Charvensod are located respectively in distinction and promotion.

Second Division: PDHAE finds 3 gold points

It was a match not to be missed as Pochissimo di Fossano, against the last in the standings. Pont Donnaz Hône Arnad Evançon answered the present, finding 3 gold points. 1-0 signed by Jeanette In the slot holds a triple whistle. In the second half, the hosts were also left in nine matches due to two dismissals in a few moments.

Team Lorenzo Parisi Score the second victory in a rowafter 5-2 in Bourgeoisie.

The fall of Aygreville and Charvensode

Aigerfel and Scharvensaud fall by the same score, losing 2-1 to Seventh and Cassel.

In Prima, an important blow to save Grand Paradise who completely bends Goryeo. Saint-Vincent-Châtillon also won 2-1 in CAFAS. Co in the final of CGC Aosta, was defeated 2-1 in Saint-Christophe by Sportiva Nolese.

The equivalent of recovering Seconda Aosta Calcio 511, 2-1 in Brandizo.

on me Gazette Mateen On newsstands Monday 16 January 5 pages dedicated to youth and amateur football with results, photos, report cards, rankings and interviews with the champions of the weekend’s matches. The newspaper will also be available at digital copy For computers, smartphones and tablets.


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