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World Baseball Classic, and enough of the word. The 2023 edition marks a return six years later, with a thousand changes related to Covid-19 and an expansion to 20 teams awaiting trials between Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Japan and the United States. There will be two weeks of world-beating passion.

Italy, in particular, is expected from the Taichung Group, the only group that predicts the presence of two Europeans (the other, without a certain irony of fate, is the historically best blue competitor in this sense, the Netherlands). It will start a day later in Tokyo (with China-Japan, meaning something in Asia), while the weekend will mark the start of everything we’ll see in Phoenix and Miami in the US. A lot of Central and South America activity.

Baseball: Italy’s first friendly ahead of the 2023 World Baseball Classic ended in a draw

See the full 2023 World Baseball Classic schedule below. Sky Sport has the rights to live television through Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport Arena, and streaming with Sky Go and Now TV, Italy’s matches, as well as semi-finals and finals.

World Baseball Classic Calendar 2023

Pool A – Taichung
Wednesday 8 March, 05:00 Cuba-Netherlands
Wednesday 8 March, 12:00 Panama v Chinese Taipei
Thursday 9 March, 05:00 Panama-Holland
Thursday 9 March, 12:00 Italy-Cuba – Live TV on Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Arena (204)
Friday 10 March, 05:30 Cuba-Panama
Friday 10 March, 12:00 Italy-China Taipei – Live TV on Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Arena (204)
Saturday 11 March, 05:00 Italy-Panama – Live TV on Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Arena (204)
Saturday 11 March, 12:00 Netherlands v Chinese Taipei
Sunday 12 March, 05:00 China Taipei-Cuba
Sunday, March 12, 1:00 p.m Italy– Holland – Live TV on Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Arena (204)

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Pool B – Tokyo
Thursday 9 March, 04:00 Australia v South Korea
Thursday 9 March, 11:00 China-Japan
Friday 10 March, 04:00 Czech Republic-China
Friday 10 March, 11:00 South Korea-Japan
Saturday 11 March, 04:00 China-Australia
Saturday 11 March, 11:00 Czech Republic-Japan
Sunday 12 March, 04:00 Czech Republic v South Korea
Sunday 12 March, 11:00 Japan v Australia
Monday 13 March, 04:00 Australia v Czech Republic
Monday 13 March, 11:00 South Korea-China

Pool C – Phoenix
Saturday 11 March, 8.30pm Colombia-Mexico
Sunday 12 March, 03:00 Great Britain-USA
Sunday 12 March, 20:00 Great Britain-Canada
Monday 13 March, 03:00 Mexico-U.S
Monday 13 March, 8.00pm Colombia v Great Britain
Tuesday, March 14, 03:00 Canada-U.S
Tuesday 14 March, 20:00 Canada-Colombia
Tuesday 15 March, 03:00 Great Britain-Mexico
Wednesday 15 March, 20:00 Mexico-Canada
Thursday 16 March, 03:00 USA-Colombia

Pool D – Miami
Saturday 11 March, 18:00 Nicaragua-Puerto Rico
Sunday 12 March, 01:00 Dominican Republic-Venezuela
Sunday 12 March, 18:00 Nicaragua-Israel
Monday 13 March, 01:00 Venezuela-Puerto Rico
Monday 13 March, 18:00 Dominican Republic-Nicaragua
Tuesday 14 March, 01:00 Israel-Puerto Rico
Tuesday 14 March, 18:00 Nicaragua-Venezuela
Wednesday 15 March, 01:00 Israel-Dominican Republic
Wednesday 15 March, 18:00 Venezuela-Israel
Thursday 16 March, 01:00 Puerto Rico-Dominican Republic

quarter final
Wednesday March 15, 11:00am Pool A-Second Pool B in Tokyo
Thursday 16 March, 11:00 Tokyo First Pool B-Second Pool A
Saturday March 18, 1:00 a.m. Miami First Pool D-Second Pool C
Sunday March 19, 1:00 a.m. Miami 1st Pool C-2nd Pool D

Monday 20 March, 1:00 am Winner Quarter 1-Winner Quarter 3 at Miami – Live TV on Sky Sport
Tuesday 21 March, 1:00 am Winner Quarter 2-Winners Quarter 4 at Miami – Live TV on Sky Sport

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Wednesday 22 March, 1:00 at Miami – Live TV on Sky Sports

World Baseball Classic Calendar 2023: Where to watch it on TV and streaming

live: Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport Arena (204) (Italy matches). The venue for the semi-finals and finals is to be decided

Live broadcast: Sky Go, Now Tv (Italy matches, semi-finals and final)

Photo: LiveMedia/Claudio Benedetto –

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