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Wonders make their way to the distribution and distribution markets on a large scale

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“Only certain varieties can fall under the ‘Le Meraviglie’ brand and only when they have been harvested to the right degree of maturity to fully express their organoleptic properties. Now it is the highlight of the apricot.” This was stated by Vincenzo Fenelli, director of Orogel Fresco, describing the apricot market in this period.

“Until June 10-15 – he adds – we will have the product that our partners collect in Basilicata. The choice of the brand” Le Meraviglie “is to have a fruit that expresses its organoleptic potential to the fullest and at this moment the product of the South is completely within our borders. However, in In the middle of the month, we will move to the north, in Emilia-Romagna.

Over the years, the number of apricot varieties has multiplied, sometimes causing confusion. “At a certain point, research focused on colour, while today the biggest concern is flavour. This is the reason why few varieties are included in our brand. In addition, farmers harvest the fruit at a high degree of ripeness and pack it directly in the field, in order to avoid Processing in the warehouse. Each fruit is placed in the basket manually and precisely: that is why it can withstand a higher degree of ripeness than the standard. ”

In the warehouse, the baskets are marked by weight, but there is no automatic selection, since the farmers in the field already did it according to predetermined criteria.

Vincenzo Fenelli, Director of Orogel Fresco

“The high temperatures of the past few weeks – in Finelli’s words – have accelerated the ripening process and producers have found themselves struggling with the harvesting stages. Not forgetting that there is a shortage of manpower, so some batches were not harvested.”

The strength of the Le Meraviglie line is that most products can be packaged directly in the field, thus preserving the quality and shelf life of the fruit. The Le Meraviglie project draws on a wide variety of interest because in search of fruit that tastes like fruit, Orogel Fresco has selected some of the best apricots, peaches, nectarines, peaches, cherries, strawberries, pears, apples, kiwis and bagels that have above-average organoleptic properties that will arrive in stores on a strict calendar It follows the rhythms and times dictated by the season.

All this is made possible in Orogel Fresco through its cooperative structure, which mostly connects fruit growers from the more specialized regions from north to south of the peninsula.

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