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Chechena Ted reflects on the “new era” with the Ted community in relation to Canada

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Ted does not have to travel to Canada to experience the emotions of the world (a global non-profit organization that promotes “ideas worth spreading”): the Ted 2022 event, “a new era”, is currently taking place in Vancouver from April 10 to 14, with Ted x Cesena teaming up with Ted x Cesena Live Presents, is a free event to preview the selection of excerpts from Ted 2022 and comment on them together. The event, scheduled for Thursday 21 April 2022 at 8.30pm at the Hubo headquarters of Montalti Worldwide Moving, is free if you book seats online.

The “Dead X Live” event was created to make TED conferences around the world more accessible: they are real local events, and the public and team gather before selecting speeches taken from TED’s conferences. Creating progress, dialogue and participation.

Chechena joins the Ted community around the world to reflect on the “new era” we live in as we live again after 3 years as Ted in Canada. We can not even imagine it: in the medical field, artificial intelligence, clean energy, the way we work, we learn at the foundation of our economic and social systems. Come and be a part of something extraordinary ”.

There will be no live speakers at the event planned in Chechnya: the films to be screened will be in English with subtitles in English or Italian and will not be translated simultaneously where available. This event will take place in accordance with the Govt-19 Prevention Rules. Meanwhile, the Ted x Cesena Volunteers Team is working to organize a live event planned for 2022: all announcements on social media and the website

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