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New study denies killing children at Catholic residential schools in Canada

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Historian Jacques Rouillard questions the location of the alleged “mortal remains” and points to serious inconsistencies in the reports that shocked the world in 2021.

About 7 months after a scandal of planetary proportions about “hundreds of aboriginal children” buried anonymously in “Catholic schools in Canada,” a breakthrough 2021 puts much of the story on edge.

Historian Jacques Rouillard, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of History of the University of Montreal (Canada) Published on Canada’s On January 11, a text stating that “no bodies” of children had been found in alleged mass graves, secret graves or any other form of irregular burial at a Kamloops Aboriginal residential school in Canada, let alone evidence that the children had been killed.

According to documents provided by Rouillard, 51 children died at the asylum between 1915 and 1964. In the case of 35 of them documents were found proving the cause of death, mainly diseases and in some cases accidents. None of the 51 children were killed.

Rumors of 2021

However, in 2021, the alleged discovery of unidentified burials at aboriginal residential schools in the country had widespread repercussions in the Canadian mainstream media and from there in the world media. Instantly spread on social networks, these claims turned into different stories, some of which claimed that “hundreds of children” were “killed” and “secretly” buried in “mass graves” or “irregular mounds on the grounds of Catholic schools”. “Across Canada”.

Many of the native residential schools in question, though owned by the Canadian government, were entrusted for management to religious congregations, many of them Catholic. For this, the Church was soon accused of “accomplishment or neglect” in the face of “abuses and acts of violence, physical and psychological” to native children in those institutions established by the government to “integrate native children” into society. Canadian.

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However, the alleged government model of assimilation has been accused of suddenly alienating children from the culture, traditions and languages ​​of their own people. Since it cannot claim that “hundreds of children” were “killed” in “Catholic schools,” the media shifted to emphasize social outrage, not at the deaths, but at the way the children were separated. During family life and burial.

Even China, whose communist government openly upholds systematic and proven human rights abuses of its citizens, asked the UN Human Rights Tribunal in June 2021 to investigate “human rights abuses against Canada’s indigenous peoples”. Amnesty InternationalAn organization that openly defends the killing of unborn babies through free abortions is calling for those responsible for the “mortal remains” found in Kamloops to be brought to justice.

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