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Ben Tidley leaves Canada after 10 years – he coaches the Spanish national team

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After his departure from Swimming Canada’s High Performance Center in Toronto, Ben Tidley He will serve as head coach at the Sant Gugart National Training Center in Spain.

Tidley has been coaching in Canada for 10 years. Now he will return to Europe to lead the Spanish National Training Center. He will be part of the “Team-Spain Elite” of the Spanish Sports Council. Tittle joins the National Director Sean Kelly And current coach of the National Training Center Olaf Wildfire.

The Spanish Royal Swimming Federation (REFN) has developed a “restructuring plan” aimed at achieving results at the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.

Canadian athletes trained by TITLEY

Tidley started a training program in Canada before the 2016 Rio Olympics.He was a coach Penny Olexiak, Gold in the 100 freestyle held in Rio. His team of racers boasted of names like Olexiak, Taylor RuckSandrine Mainville, Michelle Williams And Chandel von Landechem.

The Toronto High Performance Center has become one of the world’s leading sprinter teams. Tidley coached a large number of athletes, including medalists at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Penny Olexiak, Kylie Massey, Kyla Sanchez, Rebecca Smith, Taylor Ruck, Maggie McNeill And Sydney Bickrem.

Ditley has also coached Canadian achievers Yuri Kisil, Finley Knox And Josh Leando. Everyone participated in the Tokyo Games. The rising star among the big stars leaving the title Summer Macintosh.

The situation in Spain

Tittle will see a similar situation in 2012 in Spain and Canada. Spain had 10 players in the Tokyo Games. He did not win medals. 2016 Olympic champion and highest world record holder Mireia Belmonte She finished fourth in the women’s 400m medley with a time of 4: 35.13 seconds.

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In 2012, Canada won 2 Olympic medals Brent Hayden And Ryan Cochrane. He won 6 in 2016 and 6 in 2021. 10 titles for athletes out of 12 medals between 2016 and 2021.

Tidley expressed his excitement to go to Spain.

He announced:

“Two 50-meter 10-way swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), weight room facilities, comprehensive sports science and medical assistance, a running track and good weather. The performance environment has the potential to be a world leader. A true focal point for the world’s greatest athletes.”

In a personal note, Tittle added it

“This choice is equally important and exciting for my family. My wife and her daughter are French. Born in a place very close to the Catalan border. Our future twins will be born in Catalonia, and we have many close relatives on the 90-minute trip to the beautiful monastery city of Sand Guccit. This is a challenge that applies to all of us at this stage of our life journey!

Spain provides easy access to his wife’s home in France and his home in the UK.

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