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England and Canada win semi-finals without major problems – OA Sport

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So, New Zealand-France and England-Canada will be in the final next weekend. On the Italian night, in fact, Australia and the United States fell in the quarterfinals, thus giving the last two World Championship tickets to the British and Canadians. Here’s how it happened.

Australian resistance to Auckland floods lasts a while, however, is forced to chase almost immediately and is not in the game. truly, The first English goal was signed by Sarah Hunter at 8 And the score was 7-0. The Australians try to react, but England’s dominance is clear, controlling and attacking. So we come to the half hour of the game It was Marley Packer who led the way for the English at 12-0. Eight minutes later, a match already in the archive, when Packer himself delivers the encore and goes 19-0. However, Australia has responded As time expired, Emily found the first score of the match with Chancellor making it 19-5. And Australians sticking to the competition.

However, England pulled away in the second half. It took three minutes for Abby Ward to scoreCut off all dreams of a return to Australia and stretch again to 24-5. However, in the 53′, Amy Cockayne ended the match with goal number five to make it 29-5.. It is now an English monologue and Alex Matthews scored in the 65th minutewhen As time expired, Marley Parker had a personal three to make it 41-5. Hence, title favorites England go through to the semi-finals without any problems.

It was a rematch of the group stage match, but more than anything it was a demonstration of Canada’s superiority over the United States.. Americans are being deceived, that is 9 o’clock ‘They’re headed to the goal with Jonah Gidlinski and assume leadership. Canada needs time to settle into the game and they make too many mistakes, but McKinley Hunt leveled in the 16th minute with a try. Four minutes Ed 12-5 ahead of Karen Paquin. America gets a double whammy, but 38′ They narrow it down to 12-8 with Aleve Gelder off the pitch and we go to the break..

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Canada, who haven’t played a single minute, want to close out the game. Paige Faris’ goal and the Canadiens made it 19-8. The U.S. responded in the 45th minute with Gelder off the field, but that was the last place. 48′ Yellow card for the same Gelder and Sophie de Goide Rialung from the pitch for Canada. In numerical superiority, Alex Tessier scored the fourth Canadian goal in the 57th minute to make it 29-11. and closes the conversation. A US foul at the 65′ sent De Coite onto the field, setting the final score at 33-11.

Photo: World Rugby via Getty Images

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