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Contradictory temperature in northeastern regions 3B Meteo

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Canada - Extreme heat in the last few hours
Canada – Extreme heat in the last few hours

Autumn began as expected in the northeastern parts of Canada. An extraordinary heat wave has hit New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, the Labrador area and Quebec over the past few hours, and it is still causing havoc today.. The low pressure area in the central-northern states of the United States, at high northern latitudes in the northeastern part of the continent, up to 1030 hPa, caused an increase in the absolute tropical high-pressure field. Southwest brings warm currents Even 10-12 degrees Celsius above average In connection with these areas. Temperatures at 850 hPa (+ 19 ° C), or 1500mt altitude are common to tropical latitudes, in fact we find the same values ​​in the Caribbean Sea, but in this case we are throwing a stone from Greenland.

The temperature did not drop below 15 C everywhere in practice tonight In the Canadian Northeast. Goose Bay Airport is isolated at 18 C, Churchill Falls and Cartwright at 17 C and Nine at 21 C. Around the Goose Bay area The maximum temperature was recorded at + 28 degrees Celsius, Really amazing! Other meteorological stations show maximum values ​​between + 23 C and + 26 C. Keep in mind that these places are located in the “cold” land of Labrador, which is famous for its early snowfall.

However, this is a temporary explosion, actually from day one already Tomorrow the temperature will return to the average for that period, Will drop to about 10 C at intervals of a few hours.

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