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The first official images of the Maranello SUV-

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by Stefano Bargggia

At Maranello, they like to call it Fuv: Ferrari Utility Vehicle. Four doors and four seats. It is about 5 meters long. The ground clearance is suitable for off-road driving. Ferrari Purosangue is expected to be on the market by the end of the year

Maranello released the first photos, lacking in detail, but exciting, of her next model, Authentic FerrariWhich will arrive at the end of the year. The SUV cars. On the contrary: Fuv. Which means: Ferrari multi-purpose vehicle. A distinction they care about a lot, to emphasize the uniqueness of the project. But Suv or Fuv that of course We are at a turning point in the path Ferrari.

Of course, at the moment there is only the name: genuine. Which leaves no room for doubt: Cavallino’s first four-door seriesthe first with large ground clearance for Travel like a Ferrari, even beyond the asphaltIt wouldn’t be a compromise car despite its weight and size. From what you can imagine by looking at the few photos that are currently available (among the official ones, which relate to the facade, those stolen at the factory a few days ago, those not well taken at Maranello…), Almost five meters He will disguise himself with the chassis which, though, in fact, high off the ground, It will re-propose some stylistic features of the current Maranello Gran Turismoplaying on unmistakable features and concave and convex surfaces, on the side where Muscular and extended door panels (The back ends seem to open in a very special way) Acts as a counterweight Delicate and elusive glass surfaces.

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The official authentic teaser reveals A very personal frontdeveloped in part around the concepts of Rome, organized into two distinct sections: the upper combines form and function through Two outlets direct the air, possibly towards the brakeswhile the shape of the hood appears designed for Direct the air towards the sides of the vehicle towards the fender duct, to tame the side aerodynamic flows towards the rear of the car, and is equally innovative as it is based on the newly introduced V6 296 Gtb hybrid transom concept. under LED Profiles for Daytime Running LightsOn the other hand, it is reasonable to expect spotlights on the upper edges of the eagerly awaited massive air vent … The Fuv supplies the radiators with air.

ferrari style head, Flavio ManzoniAfter all, it has always played its role as a search for the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Rigorous and creative research, which in terms of desire (and ability, it seems) Reconciliation of extremists in the result become the same extremist. Because every Ferrari is new in every respect, always pushing the concept of extremes further. Purosangue must emphasize this approach, with details shaped to be part of a complex array of hues aiming not only for visual gratification, but also Aerodynamic efficiencyto combine a low coefficient of penetration with high values ​​of downforce without the use of visible aerodynamic attachments.

Thoroughbred Ferrari horses and horses

The mechanics are hard to guess. It is reasonable to expect a reinterpretation of the icon V12 naturally aspirated from 6.5 litersrefined in delivering power and torque to marry at best with Four-wheel drive, air suspension and car block. But since then with the new 296GB a new one has appeared Hybrid Plug-in Powertrain Very effective – and has more than enough strength: 830 horses Why don’t we assume he’s on that model, too? We are of course in the field of assumptions because apart from the development team headed by Rafael de Simonthe only person who has ever had the chance to get behind the wheel of Purosangue, so far, is the new CEO Benedetto Vigna. I’ve driven it several times in the hills around Maranello, both during the day and at night, and I can say that The experience was really great. But I don’t want to expect anything else so as not to spoil the surprise,” the CEO said on a recent call with analysts.

On the same occasion, Vigna also wanted to highlight Great moment for CavallinoFrom a business point of view: We started 2022 with great momentum: on the one hand, the best order book in our history, and on the other hand a very wide, innovative and attractive range of products. And this year We plan to further enrich it by launching twice (Including Purosangue, in fact, editor), thus fulfilling the promise made during Capital Markets Day 2018. and electricity? John Elkann, during an analyst call on May 4, 2021, announced his launch in 2025. There is still a long way to go, but there is no doubt that it will be another milestone.

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