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What is the duration of the campaign? Game Hours & Missions Revealed –

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Being the single player component of infinite auraHe will ask a lot How long will the campaign last?Well, we can answer the question based on what the editorial team found directly, as well as in principle also by other newspapers: in general we agree on the duration 15 to 20 hours.

Being an open world, the campaign of Halo Infinite allows to be surpassed at different rates and thus with different timing, depending on each individual’s playing style. Completers will take a little longer, as will those who want to fully explore the Zeta Halo: 343 Industries, on the other hand, have also filled the game world with secrets, surprises and Easter eggs, as we have already seen before launch. One for Craig someone found in an inaccessible point on the map.

Therefore Amount of hours Duration is an estimated value of change, but the average is between 15-20 hours regarding above all the main part of the campaign as well as some additional elements and secondary tasks.

In this case, we report here what Pierpaolo Greco mentioned in his Halo Infinite campaign review:

For info, we’ve hired 18 abundant hours To finish the Halo Infinite story, allocate plenty of time to secondary activities and complete 81% as indicated by the appropriate counter.

As for the Amount of tasks, in total there will be 70, including secondary, but only 16 of them are the main characters that make up the history of the game, so you can also devote yourself to these in order to complete them. Moreover, we saw that the missions are not repeatable at the moment, but the choice of levels will still be upfront later.

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Remember that Halo Infinite will be released today, December 8th at 19:00.

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