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Canada to open world’s first sanctuary for whales and dolphins rescued from water parks

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In Nova Scotia (Canada) Whale Sanctuary Project, A large sanctuary inhabited by captive whales and dolphins for many years. This was the first system of its kind, and the Cetaceans were finally restored Water parks They can lead a decent presence. The plan was born following the approval of Canadian law – before 2019 – which bans the capture of dolphins, whales and seals.

Unfortunately, models within a defined environment for many years (sometimes decades! In some cases) cannot be released. For this reason, a team of Canadian researchers and conservationists have decided to create as safe a place as possible for the natural habitat of dolphins and whales. 484 thousand square meters are dedicated to whales and dolphins.

The sanctuary extends over 480,000 square meters and is designed to accommodate up to 8 people. Beluga (Known as “white whales”) rise south of Port Hillford in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The goal is to welcome the first Cetaceans by 2023, if managers can get all the necessary approvals.

“Creating this sanctuary is the first step towards a world where all Cetaceans will be treated with respect and no longer confined to the concrete tanks of amusement parks and fisheries,” explains the project implementation team.

We hope that one day there will be no need to build such sanctuaries and that all the Cetaceans in the world (not only) will be left alone to stay in their habitats!

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Source: Whale Sanctuary Project

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