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Credibility Case, Ferrari Short Term Solution for Canada – F1 Team – Formula 1

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What happened during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Double retirement of Carlos Science and Charles Lecklerk In the first 20 rounds of the race for credibility reasons, he deceived fans, drivers and members of the Ferrari team. But next Sunday we will be racing in Canada, and it is already time for the franchise to understand what happened in Baguio, in order to make the necessary counter-moves in terms of credibility so that defeats do not recur. Dedicated song in memory of Gilles. Apparently, time is running out and every effort will be made to fully understand the power unit problem that appeared in Leclerc’s car from Maranello and the hydraulic problem that Science has to face.

According to a team led by Mattia Binotto, Charles Leklerk’s machine arrives at the factory tomorrow The team is hopeful that an initial analysis of further damaged components can be completed by evening. Carlos Science’s car is easy to operate and its hydraulic components have already been studied by the team. For the upcoming Montreal Grand Prix, the team will implement a definitive solution “Short term”Medium and long-term resolution of reliability issues will require more time.

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