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The Best Resorts in the World

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All people like to relax after a hard-working period because it helps to defuse the nervous system and psyche. Everyone relaxes in their own way, someone is fond of drawing or reading books, and someone combines the useful with the pleasant and plays at the PlayAmo. However, what unites us all is the love of travel, warm countries, and resorts. That is why today we present you a list of the best resorts that you should consider when choosing a place to stay for your next vacation.

Top Resorts


The Maldives is a paradise island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Beautiful beaches, great weather, clean water, and a great vacation. Diving is popular here and the prices for it are quite democratic.

Rio de Janeiro

One of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Pleasant temperature regime. Usually, the temperature ranges from +24 to + 30 degrees. People come here to see the statue of Christ and Brazilian carnivals.

Canary Islands

The Canaries are considered an expensive resort, but many hotels provide services at affordable prices. Fans of water sports, diving, etc. fly here for a high-class vacation. There are 7 islands at your disposal, where everyone can find something of their own. And festivals, excursions, and tastings will help to dilute the rest. These islands are distinguished by an amazing climate. On the coast by the ocean, you can observe +25/+30 , while in the mountains or on the hills it can be quite cool. Thus, everyone will find a comfortable place here with excellent service.

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Bali is a paradise for surfers. A frequent series of ebb and flow is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. In any hotel, you will be provided with the highest level of service. Endless beaches, ancient temples, warm water, and Asian cuisine – that’s what Bali is.


The 40-kilometer Miami Beach attracts vacationers from all over the world. Great variety and brilliance of nightlife. Daytime life can please the Hemingway house, tropical gardens, and the largest aquarium in America.


Seychelles is 100 islands of lightness, ease, and comfort. People come here to relax from the noise of the cities, enjoy diving, windsurfing, and fishing.


Dubai is the pearl of the desert. This is the largest and most ambitious resort in the world. What are the dancing fountains, the tallest buildings in the world, and the Jumeirah Mosque.


Goa is one of the most popular places among young people. Beach parties under trance attract just crowds of people. Be sure to visit the local waterfall, architectural attractions, and plantations.

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a world full of volcanoes, waterfalls, snowy peaks, and blooming orchids. Excellent golf courses will delight tourists of any age. And if you don’t visit the coffee plantations and try the local pineapples, you won’t forgive yourself.

Puerto Plata

The resort is full of golf clubs, amusement parks, shopping malls, and museums. Here you can enjoy the architecture of the Middle Ages and visit the longest snow-white beaches.

Cayman Islands

The Caribbean Sea, yachting, surfing, diving, coral reefs, and a warm climate – that’s what awaits you on dozens of small islands. And the absence of crime only adds to the desire to go around all the islands.

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There are still a lot of interesting and beautiful places in the world that were not mentioned in this top. For example, Mexico is also an amazing place, but for many, it is very hot and humid. Our whole planet is teeming with interesting places, explore it, and always find something new for yourself. We hope this selection was useful to you or at least interesting. Do not forget to travel, many experts believe that traveling prolongs life.

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