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“But this is just maple syrup”

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Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds makes emotional jokes in a video approved by the National Art Center. A playful musical tribute to Steven Page and a medal to him.

Honored by the National Arts Center Governor General Award 2020 (Festival postponed to this year) Ryan ReynoldsThe Vancouver-born Canadian received a sound tribute in addition to the medal he wore around his neck. In the video, By a composer friend Steven Page, Who sings to him

Brian Adams said he was busy and wanted the nickelbacks to work. They wanted to call Drake, but they mistakenly called me, so you get a song from this jerk. We were all asked to write a song to show what we think of you. We know you are a fan of the land you call Canada, but I have to reveal to you here: Canada is reviewing. Wherever you go Ryan, we want you to know that Canada is returning your love.

Page Then begins naming famous Canadians William Shatner, Alex Trebeck (Late TV presenter last year) e Bruno Jaros (We can not figure out who he is, Ed) and concludes

Of all the Ryan Canadians, you should be in our top 3. We will drink some American gin when your Wales football team (actor-owned Rexham AFC) wins. , We will tell everyone that you are from British Columbia. (BC), because Canada is on your back. When things are not going well in Hollywood, Canada is protecting you.

Ryan Renault’s passion for the award and tribute

Although we all know how much Ryan Reynolds Like to tease (“It’s just maple syrup”, a joke about his tears), the actor appears Really moved In gaining an important recognition from his country for his artistic, entrepreneurial and humanitarian skills. After attending the show, thankfully, he added, “Aha. It’s mind blowing. I mean, it made me cry. I think I did it.”

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