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Mobility is the magic word. Whether electric or not, the world of cars has turned a new leaf. With great respect and caution, he gradually set aside the universal definition of “cars” to move towards a more modern and comprehensive concept. A broader term, going beyond the strategic sector, is able to include more human and less industrial aspects. Unanimously recognized, it is what most people regard, in the popular imagination as well as in political terminology, as an almost universal “right.” The twentieth century changed the beloved globe, making it more accessible to everyone thanks to the popular spread of automobiles. Today no one can give up this freedom. Not even in the face of the urgent needs of an environment that is in serious difficulty, shocked by the stormy events of climate change due in large part to rising temperatures.

Manufacturers in this sector sensed the opportunity and jumped in quickly The new business trend that has many supporters and few opponents. A change in approach that has little significance to a virtuous class, but is often unfairly viewed as “polluting and dangerous,” the cause of many of the evils suffocating the planet. An electric car, or if you prefer a BEV, is a mandatory solution, not an option. Once fully operational, it will make mobility more efficient and less polluting. Quieter and more accessible. Without the outdated exhaust pipe. The internal combustion engine, more than a century ago, sent the steam engine into the attic. The electron will do the same to its hydrocarbon “competitor” which has ended up in the eye of an energy transformation storm that offers no discounts to anyone. This is an unrealistic comparison, and it would be unfair to make one.

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On the other hand, in high-speed trains that do not have any problems refueling themselves, Induction motors have long conquered everyone with their superiority. It will take some time, but it is a given that humanity will have to use sustainable energy sources, whatever they may be. In order to satisfy all the inhabitants of the Earth, whose number will soon exceed ten billion people. But the opportunities offered by sustainable mobility go beyond just using cars, which is an almost mundane aspect. Old car companies are determined to exploit every opportunity. First, they evaporated the term “motor” from their company name, something the old Saloni also did with greater impetus and less sensitivity. Today they are no longer called “car show” or “car show” with the name of the host city, but rather a mobility show. From Tokyo to Seoul. From Japan to Korea. Until you get to Munich in aristocratic Bavaria, everyone does it.

Moreover, the sector offers many ways to move vertically And restore the entire value chain that has become richer in the meantime. Talking about thermoelectric dualism is a waste of time, and the challenge will be played at other tables. Transportation will increase, and will not be limited mainly to cars. The need is mobility, and manufacturers want to capture this. They will offer products and services to move freely, spend as little as possible and, above all, optimize time that will become an increasingly valuable asset. Drones and taxis will take hold, paving the way for autonomous driving that seeks to support advanced software, electronics and even artificial intelligence. All of this culminates in a complete connection to exchange billions of data “over the air”, from one “cloud” to another.

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Everyone participates in mobility. From Silicon Valley startups to Chinese startups, from those dealing with sensors and cameras, to specialists in satellites and mapping. Europe is trying to restart, but it is slightly behind the two powers (USA and China) and it is not at all certain that mandating zero-pollution cars by law from 2035 is a panacea. There are billions of dollars on the table, and stock markets around the world are moving, attracted by the increasingly attractive profit margins that supporters are targeting. The supply of vehicles will also change, and for some geographic areas like our continent, there will be a nice burst of fresh air. In the coming years, more compact and low-cost models will reach the market which will undoubtedly boost sales.

“It's about time, they noticed…” Some operators commented. In fact, it's not that simple. The industry is global and whoever manages it must first deal with large quantities, then with “specialized outlets”. China and the USA currently account for about half of the global market, where cars under four and a half meters in length are a rarity. It is easy to understand that the most global brand of all, which has the most in-demand electric models in North America, Europe and China (and therefore all over the world), has its most compact vehicle with a length of more than 4.70 meters (Model 3). The two major “ex-car” nations, which have contrasting visions in many aspects and still play arm wrestling, have similar tastes when it comes to cars. Proposals with an extended wheelbase were created specifically in Beijing and the surrounding area.

However, Elon Musk has been preparing the Model 2 for some time Even Eastern will cover this range, especially with the leader BYD, a multinational company that also excels in batteries. European brands are among the most interested because this sector has relevance to the “domestic” market. Volkswagen has already announced the ID.2 at a price of 25 thousand euros and will later also launch the ID.1 which will not exceed 20 thousand. Even further ahead on this path is Stellantis, which has already introduced the eC3 and will soon unveil the Fiat Panda and Opel, which will have versions at these price levels. De Meo's Renault has done more, creating a company that deals solely with battery-powered vehicles and software, and will manufacture all battery-powered cars in Lusanga and beyond. A brave but very concrete project that aims to trace what Tesla and BYD have done in Europe.

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How does it not work? The Italian director has already shown the compact R5 and R4 models and recently also the new Twingo which will be offered for less than 20 thousand euros. But the new trend of mobility is making manufacturers sleepless much more than the electrical progress that everyone took into account. The South African inventor was able to lower the prices of his cars, not only because of his innovative sales strategy (he personally sets the numbers), but also because of his low manufacturing costs. Musk brought the steelmaking process that processes molten metals back to the factory and, using Gigapress pistons, created a more advanced and economical object. Others have undoubtedly noticed and are trying to respond. Toyota seems to be the first to arrive, but the American company has made good progress.

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